542-70 Agri Loadall

542-70 Agri Loadall

- Overview
      542-70 Agri Loadall is a multipurpose agricultural transport tractor that can be used for various jobs in the field. The tractor can transport crops, tillage, and straw. The 542-70 Agri Loadall tractor uses the world's first 2-in-1 transmission, this model has experienced an increase in size to produce a cabin volume of 12% greater and increased visibility with one-piece curved glass by 14%. Then a 50% reduction in cabin noise and attenuation of the boom ends increase material retention.
- Interior
      The 542-70 Agri Loadall interior is designed with seats and spaces that are comfortable for the driver, so work becomes more effective and productive. Smart hydraulics technology can streamline the engine when working, resulting in more efficient use of fuel. Regenerative hydraulics work with the force of gravity in lowering and pulling the boom quickly. The Smart Hydraulics package can increase cycle times and reduce fuel consumption.
- Feature
      The tractor is also equipped with an automatic bucket control feature that makes it easy to measure or empty the load on the fork. Then it also features a hydraulic assisted ventilation system that allows the release of internal and external pressure. Choice of engines to the widest gearbox ranging from 74hp to 145hp at 6-speed. Made with thicker side plates so as to protect the inside of the tractor. Easy and inexpensive maintenance service costs. Adaptive load control system that can maintain stable vehicle stability.

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