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Covid Prevention 19 with E learning

    E-learning is a learning process carried out through the internet. Usually, e-earnings are used to increase understanding or to help material that is not yet understood. However, by looking at the current situation in the midst of the Corona Virus pandemic or COVID-19, the government and educational institutions are replacing the classroom learning process by implementing e-learning or online classes / online lectures that aim to prevent and minimize the spread of the corona virus so that students and students do not go to school and campus but continue to study at home using e-learning. In addition, the application of e-learning is expected to foster self-confidence and independence.

    An online education system is developed and the government also provides facilities in it so that it can be accessed publicly for free. One online system used is Hangouts Meet or Google Classroom. The advantage of this hangouts meet feature is its ability in live streaming with as many members as possible and is considered more effective. In addition, teachers and lecturers can also use their respective methods in providing material to students / students either by sending video or sound, and so on.

    The government in determining this policy to limit the spread of COVID-19 must have considered many things. Although some students or students complain about this online learning, please note that e-learning has the following advantages:

  1. Practicing self-confidence and independence
     This e-learning can train self-confidence, because when in class there are some students who lack confidence or embarrassed to ask questions or answer or it can be said the lack of interaction between teacher and students, then with this e-learning can help foster self-confidence in students to question and answer with the teacher. It also trains independence in various ways, for example when given assignments through online classes or in the question and answer process when online classes take place then it will bring up independence in students to answer or assign their own results and not cheat.
  2. Learning more effectively and efficiently
    When entering learning students do not have to use uniforms, other than that if students record lecturer explanations, the video can be studied again at a later time. Some applications that can use the recorder application are like zoom meet. Even learning can be done anywhere with the condition that there is an internet network.
  3. One solution to prevent the spread of the co-19 pandemic
    By doing online learning that does not require students to travel to campus or school who are at risk of corona virus exposure.

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