Review JCB Fastrac 8290

JCB Fastrac 8290

  - Overview
       JCB Fastrac 8290 is an agricultural transport tractor that is commonly used to carry goods / crops. This series has great strength at work and speeds that can reach 70 km / hour. Equipped with high specification air seats, air temperature regulation, natural ventilation opening, dual hydrostatic steering which is lighter and responsive, 50:50 (balanced) weight distribution, four wheel disc brakes, GPS system and CVT transmission. Supporting features implemented on the Fastrac 8290 make the vehicle more comfortable, safe, used by the driver.

       The rear obstruction of the Fastrac 8290 can carry a load of 10,000 kg. This vehicle is indeed designed to work as effectively as possible in the field but as efficiently as possible on fuel use. Fastrac 8290 has a difference in comfort, speed, productivity, safety, and flexibility that is better than other tractors. This tractor is equipped with an 8.4 liter six cylinder engine which has proven to be reliable in the field. Currently Fastrac 8290 is priced at £ 183,869.

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