Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Caterpillar Three Axle Articulated Trucks 725


        Performance improvements on every product from the Caterpillar company are always carried out, starting from increasing acceleration, productivity, to other enhancements to features, systems, and others. This time, improvements and improvements were made to one of its products, namely the Three Axle Articulated Trucks 725. In carrying out its duties, this truck uses EU Stage IV and Stage V engines equipped with an SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) system that injects DEF to prevent excessive NOx emissions. DEF is a mixed solution containing 32.5% pure urea plus 67.5% deionized water so that this solution is very suitable for use. In addition, the transmission on the truck model is on par with industry class as it is equipped with APECS (Advanced Productivity Electronic Control Strategy) in reverse transmission at single speed. With this system, acceleration can be increased through smooth gear changes with high productivity.

        As for the use of trucks on the highway that have a different configuration compared to use in other areas, in order for the truck to operate properly on the road, it requires higher engine power and lower powertrain, and is supported by a large capacity torque converter. Even so, the operator does not need to worry because the transmission can be done automatically according to the conditions of the work area regarding changing the gear shift point. In addition, there are other improvements to automatic control that use a proactive application in the form of AATC which can automatically activate the diff anytime and anywhere so as to minimize the occurrence of tire and driveline abuse. In addition, there is also monitoring carried out by ARC so that the level of safety is guaranteed, flexibility to manual control, and adjusts engine speed so that it is not excessive. 

        There is also a new Assisted Hoisting Control system which makes it easier to leverage the dump body. The working principle is that by pressing around, the service brake will automatically activate, then the transmission is switched to neutral, and the body is raised to the engine rpm as needed. So that there is a combination of the hoist and the transmission lever which can create a certain uniqueness coupled with ease of operation according to the operator's experience. Other enhancements are also made to the cab which is not only designed world class, but also designed with wide visibility so that the operator can always work productively for long periods of time. Apart from that, the 725 truck also offers the latest dash style by adding the LED rocker switch feature and the dash style makes it easy for the operator to reach the surrounding controls.

Saturday, February 27, 2021

Caterpillar: Three Axle Articulated Trucks 730 EJ


        Caterpillar is a well-known company that has produced a wide range of highly reliable, safe and high productivity machines. One of its products, the Three Axle Articulated Trucks 730 EJ, uses a proven engine in the form of a Cat Tier 4 Final engine, also known as Stage IV. The use of the engine on this truck apparently also involves various EU Stage V engines with electronic components inside. Both machines are excellent, especially in optimizing airflow because each machine implements an innovative air management system that makes it easy to do. In addition, the machine used is also supported by paint dealers because in addition to its lower costs, this tool is able to work optimally even in a long period of time.

        Several machines in operation are likely to produce large or small amounts of NOx emissions. As with this tool, it also produces NOx emissions, so it requires a paint NOx reduction system so as not to cause excessive emissions. The working principle of the system is to direct the exhaust gas that has been captured and cooled to the combustion chamber. In addition, other ways to reduce NOx emissions are also carried out by injecting Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) into the exhaust gas according to the rules of the Selective Catalytic Reduction system. In addition, in an effort to increase the responsiveness of this tool, it offers a sophisticated and durable injector in the form of a MEUI-C injector platform that is able to influence the fuel rate so that it is more precise, produces more precise injection pressure, and is able to control soot. 

        The truck's automatic control is in the form of Advanced Automatic Traction Control (AATC), which ensures smooth and efficient manual operation by reducing tire and driveline wear. When conditions change, the AATC is also able to provide optimal traction by locking between the axles while operating. In addition, in the face of sharp turns, you can release the clutch automatically so as to minimize the occurrence of conflict. There are also various configurations of the brake system based on their respective functions, including the service brake which is activated in neutral so that it functions in the load area properly, then the service brake which is activated by hill assist so that it can assist the operator in dealing with a “roll- back ”, and closes the wet disc brakes for long lasting use of the machine. These improvements make this tool superior in many ways, especially equipped with a world-class cabin design.

Friday, February 26, 2021

Mining Tools Part III

Gold Drum Machine

        Gold drum machines are the best machines that help remove gold from clay piles with high content and cannot be extracted by sluice boxes, gold washer, and ordinary sluices. The working principle of this drum system is to first separate the gold that is blocked by the clay using a cutting knife to break the clay, then direct it to the sluice. The separated gold will then be extracted very efficiently and effectively. Another advantage is that the plaser gold processing system has absolutely no negative effect on the surrounding environment or the health of gold miners and the community, because this system works without using mercury or other harmful chemicals. 

        The features of this drum machine are of course very many, one of which is the hopper feeder feature which functions as a place to enter raw materials. While the working system on this drum machine is something called a shredding system which functions to cut and break hard clay, where the shredding system is located at the front of the round tube. There is also a rotary screen system that is tasked with separating gold and heavy metals from various materials such as stone, earth, clay, and other materials that are not valuable. So that in this segment there are 3 stages, namely separation, then the gold enters the water flow segment, until it is finally captured by the special carpet available. All these stages are of course equipped with full motorization, pumps, tubes, accessories and hoses. So as to ensure smooth operations with a high level of efficiency and accuracy of the maximum amount of gold extraction.

        In general, drum machines used for large-scale gold mining projects require excavators and beko to load large amounts of material into the machine. Whereas the use of a drum machine for a small scale only requires assistance in the form of a bucket and shovel, but it is very helpful for people's mines with manual input. Even though this drum machine is a local product, its quality has met international standards. Equipped with a team and experienced consultants, you can even consult for free. In addition, other services provided are also interesting, namely services for installation, commissioning, and training. 

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Caterpillar AP355F Paver



        In the mining world, there are a lot of heavy equipment needed and all of them are of course fulfilled because of the heavy equipment production from various companies. One of the well-known companies with great influence in the mining world is Caterpillar. The one of its products is Track Asphalt Pavers AP355F Paver which has a powerful engine of 74.8 HP. This tool is designed with an advanced eco mode so that the engine can adjust its performance according to the project site, at a low level so that it does not disturb the user while the tool is running, and has a low fuel consumption rate which saves operating costs. In addition, there is also a maneuver mode that functions to facilitate movement in narrow locations and can move places easily even in crowded locations.

        With excellent technological improvements such as the paving mode feature with speeds up to 64 mpm (210 fpm) and travel mode speeds of up to 11 kph (7 mph), which proves that the AP355F pavers are capable of navigating rounded roads. -winding good in urban even though the mountains. This consistency can smooth the flow of material in front of the screed according to the speed of the feeder system. The working principle begins with the auger and conveyor being activated so that the material moving process on the screed surface can reach the feed sensor set point. In addition, with a paver weight of the AP355F which reaches 19246 pounds, it is equipped with 3 steering modes which are in charge of regulating paving automatically.

         Improved technology also lies in its fast configuration and can be set automatically or manually to suit certain conditions. As for quick settings, only one switch can activate the material feed system. This is due to more traction, such as a car-trac that maintains contact with the surface from all its irregularities because the system is equipped with an oscillating bogie set. Besides this technology that shows productivity, it also has a high level of comfort and reliability thanks to the center guide block components, automatic accumulators and internal belt cables. In addition, this maintenance-free system has a standard paving span of about 1.75-3.42 m and can result in more optimal hardening by reducing the crane movement made by the bogie set.

Monday, February 22, 2021

Mining Tolls Part II


Portable Golden Kasbok (exca)

        The portable gold cushions (exca) are one of the tools that work together with excavators launched by Germany based on quality standards. This tool can also be called a sluice excavator because it uses an efficient sluice system that makes it very easy for users to catch coarse and fine gold. Some of the mechanisms on this portable gold sluice are hydraulic riffles, high position classification, gravity traps, and so on. These mechanisms make this tool able to perform better than traditional sluices. In addition, this portable gold sluice with a capacity of 15-20 tonnes / hour can be a solution for gold miners who are moving between locations, because of its flexible nature.


Highbanker Combo (non-exca)

        The gold filter system in the mining world has been widely spread because it is very much needed by gold miners, especially to help the performance of the excavator. One of them is the highbanker, which turns out to be used by small teams of gold miners. Usually this tool is used in locations close to water sources such as on the banks of rivers. The assembly on this tool is relatively fast and light. Besides that, the large enough capacity is also a special value for this tool to get maximum results, which is also supported by the straw system (jet + noozle). In addition, this highbanker can be used for a single wash which can help the washer, thus making the performance lighter and smoother.


Gold Master I

        Gold Master I is one of the most effective gold search tools with its ability to reach around 60 cubic meters per hour. This capability can be achieved with the support of a single 23 PK lightweight engine, a tsunami model in the form of a ¾ inch blaster jet, 6 inch suction nozzle, and others. Some of these features certainly influenced the results of using this Gold Master I which had a special modification in the form of a ¾ inch centrifugal blower jet conch. In addition, there are more detailed and very interesting specifications from gold master I, which consist of two types of carpets (miner moss and mining mats), two types of riffles in the form of sluice boxes, spiral hose sizes that reach 6 meters while pressure hoses reach 7. meters, up to detachable EXP with a mesh of about 60-80.


Gold Master II

        Gold Master II actually has specifications that are not much different from Gold Master I, but this gold master II can be said to be better than the previous gold master because there is a development of various features in it. Its processing capability can reach more than 100 cubic meters per hour. The engine strength possessed by Gold Master II is very maximal, namely with double 23 PK lightweight. Not only that, this gold master II consists of various materials such as a hopper feeder with 1 inch sprayer, a sluice box length that reaches 340 cm, sluice box foots, to grizzly bars. In addition, gold master I and II have many other similarities, from the size of the spiral hose and pressure hose, 2 types of riffles, special modifications, to the tsunami model.

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Mining Tolls Part I


PROGOLD Gold Pan Set

        Gold mining equipment is one of the important tools needed by gold miners, gold prospectors and surveyors in order to achieve maximum mining results. In this case, we need a modern gold pan that can work effectively and efficiently. One of the modern tools that is super complete is the PROGOLD Gold Tray Set. Some of the items include metal separating magnets, single 10 "riffle, 15" double riffle, tote bag, etc. This gold pan set model is designed with a variety of optimal structures so that it is suitable for use in all types of gold, both fine gold and coarse gold. Moreover, it is equipped with scientific principles that support the performance of this tool. The guarantee given is to live and live with the price determined around 3 million gold panels.


14 Inch Professional Pan

        Gold miners certainly need a pan that is able to work as much as possible every day, and of course in order to get optimal results, professional pan tools are needed. One of them is the 14-inch Professional Dulang with a fairly affordable price of IDR 722,000 / pc. Behind the affordable price, this gold pan is known to many people because of its speed at work. The warranty provided is the same as the gold pan set progold, which is a lifetime guarantee. In addition, the quality is as high as other gold pan tools because this pan is used to catch fine and coarse gold using a 90 degree riffle system so that the process is done faster


Complete Set of Professional Trays

        Gold panning equipment is actually very important for gold miners to have. Because a complete set of trays that are both professional and very influential in the continuity of work. As there is a complete professional pan set which has a scientific gold trap structure and consists of two types of professional gold pan, namely 10 inch and 14 inch pan, of which the 10 inch pan set is a concentrate pan. Not only that, this pan set with a price of Rp.2,435,900 / set is also equipped with a manual inside and has a lifetime warranty. The items used to analyze and capture gold are in the form of pipettes and magnifying glasses. In addition, this pan set is equipped with two bottles that serve as a storage area for gold


15 Inch Professional Tray Supersluice

        A pan that is suitable for use by professional gold surveyors, one of which is the 15-inch Supersluice Professional Dulang. This essential tool for gold miners has high speed so that it can save time in work. There is a lot of material that this tool can repeat in a very short time and without losing any gold. One of the supporting factors for the fast performance of this tool is the deep throat funnel system that can capture fine gold to gold grains weighing more than 1 ounce. In addition, as with other gold pan tools, this tool is also guaranteed for life and has a price that is not much different from the professional 14-inch pan which has a price of IDR 729,000 /pc.

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Metal Detector Part II



        The United States has produced a lot of high-quality safety detector garrett, one of which is the Super Scanner V. Super Scanner V was created with the aim of helping around locations that need it, such as at ports, airports, hotels, important events, and so on. The tools that are detected to keep them awake are usually the inspection of sharp weapons such as pistols, knives, and others. The assurance that the checks are automatically adjusted so that the results are accurate. Checking that is carried out is assisted by an LED indicator feature consisting of red which is marked as an alarm, yellow which indicates low battery, and green which means on. 

        The strength of the audio signal from the super scanner v is one of its advantages because it is able to indicate metal objects precisely. Not only that, this detector is also classified as battery saving because of its very long-lasting ability to work. The details of the size of this tool are 8.3cm wide, 4.13cm thick, and 42cm long. With this measure, this tool is able to detect it very well. In addition, the robus and shock-proof Super scanner v has a selling price of around IDR 3,399,000 to IDR 3,700,000 and turns out to have a relatively large detection surface model so that the scanning process is more efficient and effective.



        Garrett Detector from the United States besides super scanner v, there are also other products, namely Superwand Garrett. This Garrett Superwand has a more economical price, which is around Rp. 3,289,000 to Rp. 3,500,000 with a quality that is not much different from the super scanner v. As in general, this detector model is also used to handle sharp objects in important places that require tight security such as hotels, government buildings, and so on. Usually checks are carried out on each person and the bags each carry. With this detector, it is very helpful to avoid various kinds of things that can cause danger. 

        The high quality and practicality of this detector model can be a plus that attracts potential buyers, especially when it comes with a 1 year warranty. Even the detection range can reach up to 360 degrees with automatic calibration. Another advantage is that the Garret superwand can work very effectively and efficiently because it is supported by a large enough detection surface to facilitate the scanning process. Effectiveness and efficiency are also obtained because the audio sharpness signal indicates a metal target. In addition, this detector model has an anti-interference feature which is very helpful in excluding the detection of other metal objects.