Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Port Machinery 10

 Rail-Mounted Container Gantry Cranes

         Sany Container Gantry Cranes generally have almost the same characteristics in each type, from the new torsion anti-sway system, the new torsion anti-shake system, the soft landing of the spreader to the container, intelligent gantry repair technology, and so on. One type of container gantry cranes produced by Sany is Rail-Mounted Container Gantry Cranes. This machine is a machine that was developed from the previous product, which means this machine has better capabilities because there are also several features added in it. One of them is the anti-wind anchor system feature which has a role as a counterweight to all heavy equipment or also said to be the stability of the machine. With its reliability, this feature has several different devices according to its job, including a reverse torque holder with four sets of ropes, an independent holder with two sets of devices, and a blow arrestor with four sets of wheel clamps. 

        These Rail-Mounted Container Gantry Cranes only consist of three models, namely RMG5508, RMG5530S, and RMG5540S. The three models included in this machine category have a hoisting capacity under spreader range of around 10-65T, a rail span ranging from 15 to 50m, and a hoisting height of about 9.5-21.1m. These models also have features that are able to withstand pollution from higher harmonic voltages to the network, so that the power factor of the equipment can be further increased. Apart from these advanced technologies, there is also a compensating capacitor with a relatively low voltage but is smart and can reduce cable consumption. The performance of this feature is through fully automatic resonance which allows the adjustment of reactive power to average about 0.9 or more to improve electrical efficiency.

         High quality welding is also needed to make it look tidier and stronger, which requires a preparation process in the form of applying bevel cutting, bending and material processing. Not only that, in order to better guarantee this, steel pretreatment is needed. The welding cycle carried out is the semi-automatic car H-beam which consists of several stages such as the retaining rod system and the M-house base which is able to shorten up to 30%. Then launching of the assembly line by heavy port machines can also shorten the box beam welding cycle by up to 15%. In addition, this machine is equipped with layers and pressembles that provide various components to help improve production quality.

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Port Machinery 9

 Rubber Tyre Container Gantry Cranes

        Efficiency during the container lifting process is of course very important because it can indirectly prevent the spreader's swing effectively through four wire ropes that have been arranged through a control guide with two-way movement, namely vertical and horizontal. The system is called the new torsion anti-sway system and is a feature of Sany's Rubber Tire Container Gantry Cranes. Then on this machine the four ropes are also arranged with an anti-shake system with the possibility of the spreader's movement towards the trolley or gantry reaching approximately 250mm, so that automatically lifting the container can be done more efficiently than before because it has achieved bidirectional anti-shake. In addition, rubber tire container gantry cranes machines have a hoisting capacity under spreader of about 10-65T, a rail span of about 20-30m, and a hoisting height of about 6-21.5m. 

        There are 4 models of this machine, namely RTG5223S, RTG5502, RTG5203, and RTG5204. The four models are designed with a variety of advanced features that support the performance of this machine. One of them is the high security features of this machine in the form of an automatic tracking system and container lifting. This system is very helpful in increasing safety, because there is data stored in the container on the page and the position of the mechanism so that process performance can be realized optimally. Not only that, this machine also has features that can increase the service life as well as the stability of the crane. This feature is called the soft landing of the spreader to the container, thanks to this technology the possibility of collisions is very minimal. 

        In extending the lifespan of the crane, there are other supporting features, namely the intelligent gantry repair technology. This technology is able to extend the life of the crane by controlling the motor speed through the control signal generated by the automatically detected bogie deflection of the rail. However, the deflection of the bogie also has another very important function of ensuring the satay operation and minimizing wear between the rail and the wheels. The feature called hybrid drive and energy recovery system can also be said to be a priority of the features contained in this machine, because it has many roles related to energy. In this feature, there is a new RTG that can recycle potential energy so that it can save energy up to 65% which is also supported by the use of lithium batteries in this RTG. In addition, these features also have low emission and noise characteristics, as well as friendly and economical maintenance.

Sunday, January 3, 2021

Port Machinery 8

Ship-To-Shore Container Cranes

        Balance in a machine is necessary so that the machine can run smoothly while doing its job, especially regarding the balance between performance and cost. In order for these two things to be balanced, a machine must be supported with advanced features in it. As in Ship-To-Shore Container Cranes which have a variety of advanced features such as an automatic grab deployment system, control technology that can detect the tilt of the ship, intelligent control technology of the distribution line and so on. There is an automatic scrambling spread system on the crane which has a role in the form of image recognition and the position of the truck, with this image and position recognition it will facilitate assembly of this tool so that the results will be maximized. In addition, there is also something called the intelligent soft container positioning technology that is loaded on this machine and plays a role in increasing handling efficiency through precise positioning of trucks. 

        The energy recycling technology is another smart technology that is quite prominent in the characteristics of this machine, because of its reliability in preventing pollution that can disturb the environment and its surroundings. This technology recycles two power simultaneously, namely dynamic power and potential power, where the recycling process is carried out in a network. The machine with a 35-120T rated hoist capacity under spreader also has the same anti-collision system as other machines from Sany production. This anti-collision system indicates that a machine has a high level of safety because with this system it can at least minimize the occurrence of an accident, especially since the anti-collision system on this machine is widely applied, ranging from anti-collision between gantry and trucks, trolleys and pole trolleys, etc.

        Talking about balance, this machine also contains other advanced technology that has a role as a balance controller, namely anti-swing and anti-electric torque control technology. This technology in controlling the balance of an engine is to prioritize the use of anti-torque because there is an anti-shake system in it. As for other control systems, the power must be decided if an obstacle occurs during the lifting process of a material, which is a sophisticated multi-functional and anti-obstruction slewing technology. So that concerns about damage to the crane or ship's hold can be avoided by opening the hydraulic valve and lowering the oil cylinder.

Saturday, January 2, 2021

Port Machinery 7


        Telehandler stands for telescopic handler which is one of the heavy equipment in the industrial field with various functions and can even replace the functions of several machines such as skid steer loaders, wheel loaders, work platform areas, forklifts, to cranes. Each machine has its own use and can usually only be used for one or two jobs. But in contrast to a telehandler who has the ability to do about five different jobs, it is truly extraordinary. Certainly many lay people don't believe, but that is the truth. This versatile machine not only has a telescopic boom, but is also supported by lifting attachments and other advanced technologies. 

        As for some of the characteristics of the telehandler of the Sany company, namely consisting of various advanced, reliable features and a high level of service. The telehandler, with a wheel base of 3.49m and a max load capacity of 8-12KB, can move horizontally so that it will certainly facilitate the lifting process of a material, moreover it is equipped with two main systems, namely weight indicators and GPS fleet management. In addition, the Sany telehandler has been tested for its capabilities as well as the reliability of the boom and its strong steel structure. In addition, the telehandler with a max lifting height of around 13.4 / 17.13 m has 4 models consisting of STH844A, STH1056A, STH1056A1, and STH1256A, all of which are able to handle staff anywhere very well.


Material Handler

        The material handler is the parts that form an integral part of the handler itself, because without the material that supports the function of this tool, of course the tool cannot work. The following will describe the characteristics of the Sany handler material which is no less famous than other Sany products. This material handler consists of 6 models that have fast hands with a max operating radius of around 10.5-21m and a working depth of around 3-10.5m, so they can work optimally. But besides that, there are also many other characteristics that are more detailed so that you can imagine how super this tool is. One of them is that this tool is able to save up to 10% fuel, even though in one hour this tool works hard to be able to load 13 40 ton trucks but with the Sany DOMCS control system and Kawasaki's positive hydraulic system, this tool can be as economical as possible. 

        As for the details, from the height, speed, to the depth of this tool, including that this tool has a maximum handling height of up to 16.8 m; horizontal display up to 6.2m; horizontal handling range up to 19.6m; and a handling depth of up to 11.9m. Based on these data, the speed of the rotating cycle that this tool can do is up to 8 times with a minimum work cycle of about 30 seconds. Then the speed is adjusted to the capacity of the time spent by the smart controller so that the engine speed can remain under control. In addition, this tool is also classified as very efficient at loading and unloading which reaches up to 520 t / hour and with an efficiency of more than 10%.

Thursday, December 31, 2020

Port Machinery 6

Portal Slewing Crane

        Portal Slewing Crane is a type of port machinery from Sany production that is capable of operating smoothly and with a high level of safety. The Portal Slewing Crane consists of eight models with the highest rated hoisting capacity located on the MQB4535S model which reaches 45 / 50T and the highest wheel base reaching 12m, which is located on three models consisting of MQG4037S, MQG4040S, and MQG4043S. The models that are included in the portal slewing crane category are designed with a variety of smart and sophisticated features. Starting from the first feature in the form of fully automatic tracking for the slewing spreader. This feature has its own tactics such as making fast movements on the spreader with the same and of course opposite angles and the angle of the slewing crane can be countered. In addition, with the automatic tracking, the intelligent compensation algorithm is sent to the position of the sweling motor and the angle of the slewing crane to the spreader.

        The footprint is also included in this tool because it can optimize scrambling data in one or more cycles. The data referred to consists of slewing angle, luffing angle, wire rope dropping distance, acceleration and decreasing time. This data is very important because accuracy is needed so that the results can be as expected and not messy or a fatal error occurs. In this optimization effort, a data grab recording is needed that automatically repeats the movement, so that this tool is very reliable and secure. Besides that, there are also other features in the form of over hoisting prevention for the hook which is a protection when carrying out the lifting mechanism while ensuring its safety, and this feature is also very efficient and effective.

        The portal slewing crane also applies environmentally friendly technology in the form of energy recycling technology. With the use of this technology, air pollution in the surrounding environment can also be avoided, because of the ability of this technology to withstand pollution from higher harmonic voltages from entering the network. This can happen, because of the change from dynamic and potential power to electricity which is then recycled to the grid. In addition, there is also a speed protection feature for the mechanism that plays a role in preventing a hard impact by this tool by calculating the precise and accurate lifting point acceleration.

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Port Machinery 5

 Loaded Empty Container Handler

        Heavy equipment that acts as a container carrier is not only the reach stacker, but there is one other heavy equipment that has the same role, namely the Loaded Empty Container Handler. The stability of this tool is also very high because of its precise and strong structural design, so it is very suitable for lifting containers. Not only that, this type of empty container handler also consists of many features such as hurdling twin container spreader, extra high mast design technology, patented pole clamp alarm technology, patented horizontal spreader combustion technology, and so on. These features are found in two models that fall into this category, namely SDCY410K5H4 and SDCY450K3H4.

        Both models consist of the same features but have different max load capacities, namely the SDCY410K5H4 41T and SDCY450K3H4 45T, but the wheel base is the same, reaching 6000 mm. The control system that is very useful in using this tool is the dynamic power matching control system. Of course, this control system can recognize dynamic power very well based on the changing load and also adjusted to the engine speed. In addition, a tool with a stacking height of around 3 (9'6 ") - 5 (9'6") is also very energy efficient because the energy output will be adjusted to the workload.


Electric Empty Container Handler

        Electric Empty Container Handler is one of Sany's productions that is able to become the pioneer of ECH electricity. This tool not only has a dynamic sensor system, but also consists of a sensor feature in it. The sensor system refers to the hydraulic load which functions to adjust the pump displacement freely so that both are balanced so that the process can run smoothly. This is the effect of too economical consumption of fuel and energy. Even so, this is not something bad that should be avoided, it has a good impact on the effectiveness and efficiency of the performance of this tool.

The model of this electric empty container handler consists of only one model called SDCE90K7 with a max load capacity of up to 9T, stacking height 7 (8'6 "), and a wheel base of 4550mm. This model has economic principles with the use of a new fuel technology, namely LNG. However, the fuel is not only cost effective but also very environmentally friendly. So that with the use of LNG fuel, the project location area will not be disturbed. In addition, although LNG is still relatively new, it is quite well known, such as in the United States, this fuel has been used mainly for large-sized transportation.

Monday, December 28, 2020

Port Machinery 2

 10-16T Forklift Truck

        In the field of construction, there is one very important process, namely the process of lifting and moving a material in close proximity. One of the industrial equipment that is tasked with this work is the Forklift Truck. In general, the forklift truck structure consists of two forks which function to lift the pallet. The forklift trucks are designed with advanced technology, one of which is a Sany product with the 10-16T Forklift Truck category. The forklift model in this category consists of eight models with the models having the highest rated capacity of 16T in three models, namely SCP160V2, SCP160H4, and SCP160G. 

        In creating safety and comfort, it is not only obtained through the technology design in it or the strength of the structure, but the cabin design must also be considered. As in forklift trucks in this category where the cabin is made as comfortable as possible, such as during maintenance, the one side cabin will be turned off. Then supported by the automatic locking technology feature of the cabin on this forklift truck which is also equipped with double protection. So that the safety when operating a tool that has a max lifting height of around 3000-5478 mm will be more guaranteed by the presence of mechanical and hydraulic anti-rollover protection.


18-25T Forklift Truck

         Forklift trucks from Sany in general can be said to have a strong structure in each category and model, because the difference that stands out in each category is the rated capacity. This time we will discuss the 18-25T Forklift Truck, where the number of models in this category is half of the previous category, which consists of four models. The models are SCP250C2, SCP250C1A, SCP250H4, and SCP250G, with the same rated capacity of 25T, as well as the max lifting height and wheel base of the four models, namely 4000mm and 4300mm.

        In the forklift truck category, it actually has almost the same characteristics as the previous category, namely both having a comfortable cabin with the application of cabin automatic locking technology. However, there are other technologies that are applied, one of which is the automatic braking technology when reverse. As necessary, efforts to prevent accidents from occurring can be done with this technology, which is to detect people or obstacles while driving so that braking can be done automatically. Behind this is the adoption of a kind of laser scanning and graphic identification so of course this tool has high security.