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        Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) have worked closely with Cat dealers to deliver superior and reliable products with partial systems. This allows Caterpillar to find heavy equipment with specific applications, such as the current WTR model, the 772G WTR BARE CHASSIS. This type of WTR has complied with the ISO 3471 standard so that this machine is certified and guaranteed to have a high level of protection especially for towing applications. This TIER 4 equivalent machine is generally more identical to the garbage truck model with a ROPS tractor that can provide the option of adding cylinders or not. Certified ROPS tractor designed with no less competitive configurations and proven by the capabilities of this 772G that can tackle a wide range of jobs with fast turnaround times. Some of the features that can be used for demolition, able to work in industry, waste, mining, can even do material handling.

        The best design is also applied to the machine which is made without a hoist with a bare chassis weight reaching 59567 lb so that it can be applied to 3 main applications, namely Water Truck, Service Truck and Tow applications. These three applications are so important that they require a WTR with a strong, reliable, and easy-to-apply structure. As in the mining world, which has many projects that must be completed within a certain period of time, it requires a variety of complete and reliable supporting machines to assist operations in order to produce high productivity. This is where the WTR model shows its ability by using an off-highway truck empty chassis that constantly provides convenience in road construction projects so that road work runs smoothly by minimizing the possible obstacles that will occur by preventing them through various available protections. As fire protection and dust suppression can indirectly improve work safety.

        The use of this WTR 772G in service truck applications is not only able to work in the mining sector, but also in the construction sector with a tractor ROPS reaching 74430 lb. As in general, this chosen platform is always reliable with its ability to provide ideal solutions in every application, especially service truck applications. One of the contributions given to this application is to distribute lubricants and fuel efficiently for preventive maintenance of the heavy equipment fleet at the project site. Moreover, international cooperation between the two parties can be adapted to service trucks in place. As for the Tow application, this machine provides convenience for complete equipment trailers and easy bottom dump trailers with a nominal water tank capacity of 11000 gal. So that this 772G WTR Bare Chassis can be used as the best solution for any project and of course it is of very high quality and easy to operate. 

Pipelayers PL61

        Pipelayers PL61 is one of Caterpillar's flagship products capable of providing the best pipeline performance by upgrading a variety of configurations. Starting with improving maneuverability which is guaranteed to be superior so as to make steering response faster and this greatly supports a smoother pipeline performance process along with ease of transportation to reach the hystat transmission. The transmission is part of operator control on this Cat C4.4 engine model, which makes it easier to control while the engine is running. The other operator controls that are relatively simple are the right joystick which contains 3 controls, namely the boom, counterweight, and hook functions. With this design, it certainly makes it more comfortable for the operator to control it in various conditions, especially when on rough terrain. Moreover, it is assisted by track options that can be adapted to the work area by taking into account soil conditions to make wide or narrow track options so that performance in various soil conditions can remain optimal.

        Various reliability designed on the PL61 is partly described above, but there are many other reliability that has not been revealed. As with other reliability which is proven by the existence of a sophisticated fuel system because it has an engine equivalent to Tier 3, making it tougher and more durable in the face of possible poor fuel conditions through good filtration. That way, the fuel on the PL61 is quite economical, especially when it is accompanied by an automatic hydraulic demand fan which plays an important role when in a cold location, making this feature work to immediately reduce the fan speed. In addition, the engine with a lifting capacity of 40000 lb has a hydraulic reversing fan which is very helpful in cleaning debris from the radiator core which can be done automatically or manually. The service is purposely designed with top-of-the-line support in mind to best facilitate it based on the combination that has been made from the Cat dealer network.

        The design of this machine also prioritizes safety and serviceability which are part of the main factors for the success of the PL61's performance. Regarding the safety features on this machine, there are several familiar features, namely LMI and ROPS. The LMI is involved so that the load monitoring system can be installed easily and simply on site, while the ROPS is involved to protect the equipment and its operators from possible accidents that will occur such as overturning the machine, and so on. To support this safety, a sturdy structure was made with various alternatives such as a rear exit window with a quick release function. The serviceability of the PL61 is a single source pipelayer that is made specifically for all components that can facilitate service access. As a simple cable replacement, the overall reliability of the machine can be increased. Based on this, it can be concluded that the PL61 is very complete to support use anytime and anywhere.

Underground Mining Load Haul Dump (LHD) Loaders R1300G

        Underground Mining Load is a mandatory mining vehicle that is operated for levelling or carrying underground mining materials. Loaders R1300G is an Underground Mining made by CAT which is designed to work as efficiently as possible in a variety of conditions. It has a total vehicle weight of 13tons with a powerful 123kW engine that produces 12,000 kg of breaking power for maximum performance. The vehicle is able to carry more material thanks to the excellent and even weight distribution throughout the vehicle body, in accordance with the vehicle's vision to lower the cost per ton which is cheaper and more efficient.

        Loaders R1300G has implemented Go Green so that any emission that comes out will not have a significant negative impact on the surrounding environment, this is because it uses a diesel particulate filter that can reduce hazardous materials from the fuel emissions released, thus making the air quality better in the mining environment. The engine model used is the Cat® 3306B DITA series which is capable of producing a gross power of 165 HP with a nominal payload capacity of 14991 pounds. The engine is widely acclaimed and proven to be reliable and durable even at more frequent usage levels. Engine performance can reach maximum but with less fuel consumption. The upgraded engine is matched by increased torque which allows for effective transmission shifts when traversing steep grades, digging and crashing.

        Loaders R1300G is a vehicle that is very concerned about the maximum work durability factor without giving significant fatigue to the vehicle. This is because it is equipped with various supporting facilities such as oil-cooled pistons that can maintain piston quality and dissipate excess heat. Then there is also a cylinder liner water cooler that provides maximum heat transfer when the engine is running. In addition, there is also a turbocharger which can provide more efficient fuel consumption through the mechanism of packing cooler and denser air into the cylinders, resulting in more complete combustion of power and fewer emissions. This is proven in the efficiency of engine performance. The fuel intake uses a high-pressure injection system that provides the best fuel injection automation.

        The vehicle's transmission system uses 4 speed options that have been matched with a proven diesel engine for more constant power over a wide range of operating speeds. This vehicle is also designed to be able to produce in extreme underground mining so that every vehicle structure is strong and straightforward. The frame is designed to be able to withstand the extreme forces generated during the work cycle so that every manufacturing process is made as precise as possible to ensure all designs can be formed consistently and of high quality.

Track Loaders 973K

        It is a reliable heavy vehicle that can do even a number of jobs, from excavation, levelling, land & vegetation clearing, slope work and so on. So, with this 1 type of heavy equipment you can do a lot of work though so it is perfect for those of you who want to optimize work without having to spend a lot of money to buy other types of heavy equipment. This is thanks to the compatible attachment options including buckets, forks, and so on. This will result in a longer than usual duration of use of the machine considering the amount of work that can be done. For this reason, the 973K Track Loaders use the Cat C9.3 engine which produces a wheel force of 275 HP with a maximum load capacity of 4.2 yd³. The vehicle also has an operating weight of 63900lb with a quieter engine noise level than its competitors making it more comfortable in the working environment.

        The 973K's proven track loader performance is backed by an efficient hydraulic system. The most interesting thing about this vehicle is its ability to handle heat so it is suitable for use in the steel industry though. Heavy and extreme steel mills can be overcome without significant slag. The vehicle will also remain safe from exposure to heat because there are special shields and high temperature seals throughout the vehicle structure. Some of the other heat shields include welded side blades, anti-abrasion guards, lightning splash guards, special heat-resistant cab guards, cab top steel plates, metal-coated windshields, fire-resistant hydraulic fluids, and so on.

        Track Loaders 973K is described as a vehicle that can save money and operating time because of its multifunctional nature for various construction and industrial work applications. Of course, with the best work performance but more efficient fuel consumption. Proven by the use of 25% less fuel supported by an eco-emission mode that can be adjusted to the work being done. This vehicle also has reduced maintenance time thanks to the tilted cab and easy-to-reach service access points that are supported by professional CAT technicians to deal with any problems you encounter.

        Easy access to vehicle cleaning thanks to the effective cooling system of the engine compartment. Coupled with the LisionLink technology remote monitoring system that can facilitate the latest monitoring of every vehicle condition. This allows the vehicle to operate for decades into the future with routine maintenance carried out.

Pipelayers PL72

        Pipelayers PL72 is a type of machine specially designed to assist engineers in handling pipelines under any conditions, even the toughest conditions. This of course makes the components loaded in it must be strong in order to survive and operate optimally like other types of Cat products. Moreover, it is supported by the Cat C9.3 engine which is fabricated by Cat pipe dealers based on various experiences in order to produce the best pipeline performance with the help of super wheel strength that reaches 211 HP. In order for the best performance to be realized, the PL72 involves several other supports, such as an integrated powertrain resulting from the presence of a hydraulic system so that maneuverability increases. The increase in the PL72's maneuverability is also influenced by the differential which is able to perform the best  turns even in a limited area.

        Other improvements were also made to the center of gravity so that this machine with a lifting capacity of up to 90000 lb has the best tilt capability for high productivity. To achieve this, electro-hydraulic is also designed which promises precise control of variable speeds for cranes with higher response. This process certainly does not escape remote monitoring through Product Link which is very effective, especially for the entire management. The other offerings are in the form of ergonomic controls that position the implement and functionality controls in one hand, making it easier for the operator to manage them. Even more controllability is also obtained with the control handle that positions the counterweight, boom, and load correctly allowing it to be extended simultaneously.

        The various conveniences offered by the PL72 will of course always be worth the low operating costs. As the ease of service provided in full on the left side of the engine, dipstick, filler tube, air purifier, to oil & fuel filters. Service for the oil filter is carried out routinely and quickly but fairly standard, as well as for the fuel filter. The drain from the fuel drain tank is of course located at the back of the appliance so that it can engage the hydraulic filter simultaneously for easier servicing from ground level. Behind all that, this PL72 has the main components, namely the engine, transmission, and final drive that need to be maintained with the help of safety features that are more precisely designed for the operator. Among the most important safety features are the Load Moment Indicator (LMI) and an operator presence detection system that allows for idle when the operator is not detected sitting in place. In addition, visibility is enhanced by providing two additional cameras, additional mirrors, enlarged upper windows, to a spacious and comfortable cabin.

Track Loaders 953


        Efficiency is needed for those of you who are target-oriented and maximum profit, especially in the construction sector which requires careful planning and preparation to get maximum profit. Therefore, CAT has been here for more than 50 years accompanying you to success through the various masterpieces it creates. One of them is the Track Loaders 953 which is very efficient in carrying out any mining construction work or building projects. This is thanks to its highly multifunctional capabilities in various jobs such as truck loading, grading, slope work, excavation, land clearing, and more. So that it is proven to save operational costs and work time. With this one reliable machine you can do all the work efficiently. You can work faster with lower ground pressure but have better traction, so all ground-related work can be done quickly with outstanding fuel efficiency.

        To support performance, this vehicle is equipped with a highly efficient Cat C7.1 engine that produces power and responds quickly even under stressful conditions. It has a wheelbase of 160 HP with an operating weight of 34594 lb and a load capacity of 2.4 yd³. Track Loaders 953 have the best performance as they are able to save up to 10% less fuel consumption per working hour. This is because it meets US EPA Tier 4 Final / EU Stage V / Japan 2014 / Tier 4 Final Korea emission standards. Coupled with the fuel consumption options that can be adjusted to the job including power mode, eco, and automatic mode. In addition, vehicle control is made as easy as possible to operate so that it can be affordable by many operators. Steering response is made as smooth as possible with improved performance proven to provide better control.

        As previously mentioned, this vehicle is a solution for those of you who want to get maximum profit with only 1 vehicle that can complete more than 5 jobs, of course with the same operator. There are many choices of attachments that can be replaced quickly such as buckets, forks, undercarriages, track shoes, wheel loaders according to the work being done, of course they are configured and matched with the vehicle. There's even a waste handler attachment built specifically for the toughest operations. However, the demands of heavy work will not make the 953 Track Loaders experience significant damage because this vehicle is designed to be able to operate for decades. Therefore, the vehicle is also supported by an integrated automatic routine maintenance system including engine cooling fans, easy access to engine service points, a fast undercarriage cleaning system, a tilted cabin design to facilitate the maintenance process, as well as a diesel particulate filter system. 

Skid Steer Loaders 226D3

        For more than 100 years the CAT company has helped many successful entrepreneurs to realize their dreams with the various works they produce. Ranging from excavators, levellers, material diggers, trucks, and large-scale and smaller-scale haulage series. Skid Steer Loaders 226D3 is a transport vehicle made by CAT which is specifically designed to work with high mobility in relatively narrow places, it is suitable because the vehicle has a flexible body and high mobility. It is suitable for use in indoor factories or others with limited space. The Skid Steer Loaders 226D3's operating weight is only 5849 pounds but is capable of up to 67.1 HP of gross power and a rated operating capacity of 1550 lb. So, it can maximize performance while operating.

        One of the highlights of this truck is its impressive high radial lift capability, coupled with its good digging capability and excellent drawer support. Operator safety is one of CAT's priorities in every vehicle design it makes. In this series, it is proven to have 15% more spacious and comfortable operator workspace, the entrance is made wider for easy access in and out of the operator. Then it is also equipped with SMART Technology that can automate even complex attachments. The engine and vehicle design are made as precise as possible to produce maximum working operations. A clean and comfortable operator's workspace is one of the keys to the success of any job. Therefore, each CAT vehicle series is equipped with the best sealed and pressurized cab for quieter noise and cleaner operation. The vehicle controls are mounted in a joystick near the seat for easy operating range and maximum comfort.

        The advanced technology installed in the Skid Steer Loaders 226D3 series is also an “Intelligent Leveling” system that can make your work easier through its various features such as work tool return to dig, two-way self-level, and work tool positioner. Then the machine's capabilities can be optimized with easy and efficient machine control via a wide and informative touch screen that can be adjusted. Operators around the world can also easily carry out vehicle operations because it supports many customizable languages. Rereview cameras were also added for greater security and visibility control. The engine is optimized with the support of a high-performance power train that keeps the engine at its maximum capacity through the unique Electronic Torque Management system.

Telehandlers TH255C & TH357D Ag Handle

Telehandlers TH255C

        Telehandlers TH255C is a multifunctional transport vehicle that can be used in various applications, both in forests, construction projects, processing plants and so on. It is highly efficient as it has a rated load capacity of 5500 lb and a maximum lift height of 18.37 ft. It is equipped with a 2.9L L4 TD model engine capable of producing 74 hp of power. This makes this vehicle very efficient to use with optimized fuel consumption. TH255C has good mobility because it is equipped with standard vehicle tires measuring 12.00 × 16.5 or even upgraded to a larger one, namely 14.00 × 17.5; 10.5 × 18; 33×12-20.

        The vehicle shift is divided into 3 modes, namely forward variable speed, reverse displacement, and hydrostatic transmission. This vehicle instrument is divided into several parts including steering pressure, steering mode, parking brake, clock indicator, battery charging, engine starter, night operation switch, reverse motion alarm and so on. The TH255C telehandlers are designed by professional CAT technicians who have more than 50 years of experience in producing each of their works. This series is designed to operate in all applications with good manoeuvrability and stability. In addition, the TH255C is designed to have special capabilities that can fit even in tight spaces making it suitable for operation in small buildings and tight spaces. Then one of the highlights is the universal quick coupler system which is very versatile for using various attachments.

TH357D Ag Handle

        Just like the previous vehicle, this is also a heavy vehicle of the Telehandlers series that functions as a multifunctional means of transporting materials in various work areas. Using a Cat C3.4B model engine with an operating weight of 17163 lb and a system pressure of 3770 psi. Then it has operating specifications with a rated load capacity of 7700 lb, a maximum lift reach of 23 feet and a maximum forward reach of 12 feet. This vehicle uses a hydraulic system with various supporting components, ranging from axial psiton, pump flow, load sensor which produces a maximum pump of 36.9 gal/min and additional hydraulic pressure of 3553 psi.

        The TH357D Ag Handle is very comfortable to use because it only produces a cabin noise level of 74 dB and an external noise level of 106 dB. This makes the work environment more comfortable and conducive, coupled with various facilities that support operators to work optimally. For performance, the vehicle engine produces a gross power of 2,200 rpm with 111 HP which can be upgraded and increased to 124 HP in additional options. Sustainability of production can be maintained because the engine has a cooling system in the form of an air conditioner containing fluorinated greenhouse gas refrigerant R134a, this keeps the engine cool so that productivity can be increased.