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Monday, June 14, 2021

Motor Graders 140 GC AWD


        The Cat C7.1 engine is one of the most frequently used engine types by several Caterpillar products due to its reliable and unmatched engine reliability. As in the 140 GC AWD motor graders who also use this machine so that the blade can move with consistent precision, it is also supported by a good hydraulic and control system that makes the machine function superior. The advantages of the 140 GC AWD are also derived from other components that have an important role in increasing productivity such as Eco mode which is able to save fuel by 5%, then there is also a powershift transmission designed with the best torque converter capable of producing maximum drawbar power to ground, and throttle control that is able to balance the power output with engine torque.

        The ability to maneuver, which is supported by the all-wheel drive option, matches the name of this machine, especially in helping traction to deal with loose materials so that the work is more efficient. An even more attractive offering is its multifunctional hydraulic system which not only delivers precise performance but also makes it easy to predict in order to achieve a more perfect and consistent grade. This of course can make productivity increase automatically every day and will benefit its users. Moreover, the maintenance costs are cheap but can extend the maintenance cycle because there is a fan that is adjusted to the capabilities of this machine so that operating costs are low. 

        Although the operating costs are relatively low, this 140 GC AWD has almost perfect comfort options. As there is a heating system option in the form of HVAC (Ventilation and Air Conditioning) which is capable of filtering air to keep it fresh and preventing dust from entering the room because it can result in a decrease in the function of its features. As usual, caterpillar always offers heated/cooled cabin seats for operator comfort when operating. In addition to comfort, there is also security that will be obtained, some of which are optional dual front cameras, rearview mirrors from two directions, and others. Even day and night visibility will remain good, especially the strategic location of the lights so that even at sunset the operator can see clearly. Therefore, motor graders with a base power of 196 HP are a solution in completing work in mining to be faster but more precise with high productivity and profit.

Friday, June 11, 2021

Motor Graders 150 AWD

        In general, motor graders manufactured by Caterpillar have many excellent features that can increase productivity without having to spend a lot of fuel. The motor graders that will be discussed this time are type 150 which contains an eco-mode in it so that fuel will be more efficient up to 10% with a base power of 200 HP. The machine he uses is a Cat C9.3 engine which is able to adjust the grading speed so that it is always consistent so that the results obtained will be maximized. In addition, the latest engine technology can also minimize the emissions released by this 150 and has reliability for a longer service life because of its ability to maintain optimal performance. In addition to these machines, there are also other machines that are used to extend the life and use of this tool, namely the idle shutdown timer machine which is activated when the machine has been working for too long so it requires a break for a while.

        Motor graders that have an operating weight of up to 43950 pounds are also equipped with an All-While Drive (AWD) which is able to maneuver the machine so that it can operate in various location conditions, so sometimes these machines are also called Motor Graders 150 AWD. Not only that, the presence of AWD can also help traction which also affects the ease of operation of the operator. The joystick control is often considered as a substitute for the lever because it makes it easier for the operator to adjust it so that the fatigue of hand and arm movements can be reduced by up to 78%. The joystick on this 150 AWD consists of right and left joysticks with different roles, on the right joystick plays a role in controlling the drawbar function to the electronic throttle, while the left joystick plays a role in controlling the steering to the left moldboard lift cylinder. The joystick control is designed for operators to make it easier to control their movements safely and certainly more efficiently.

        In addition to the joystick control design, there are many other designs that are specifically applied to this 150 AWD in order to create convenience and comfort for the operator, because convenience and comfort greatly affect the performance of the machine. As there is HVAC which is a Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning System that is able to help the air to stay fresh through its work in circulating air properly, so that the humidity of the air can be reduced and even dust is sealed so as not to contaminate the air in the room. The updates to the operator's seat are facilitated with soft cushions and heated/cooled, as well as a tilt up to three positions that make it easy for the operator to operate this 150 machine. In addition, this machine also produces horsepower with the best torque based on the configuration in certain applications through the presence of one of the right joystick controls, namely electronic throttle control so that it can assist the machine in producing maximum productivity. 

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Motor Graders 140 AWD


        Cat GRADE technology is an advanced technology that optimizes productivity and is only included in some Caterpillar products. One of them is the Motor Graders 140 AWD whose features do not perform repeated work so that it is more efficient because of the paint grade technology. In addition, the 140 AWD engine which has a basic power of 179 HP also uses the same type of engine as the 150 AWD, namely the Cat C9.3 engine which is able to provide the best performance such as being able to reduce the combustion chamber temperature, perform optimal combustion, and others. Equipped with eco mode which is able to reduce fuel use by up to 10% by reducing engine speed for more efficient performance, even though the engine speed is reduced but it has absolutely no effect on the resulting reduced productivity due to the role of other features and technologies consisting of advanced components in it.

        The Motor Graders 140 AWD also features a Countershaft Shift power transmission to deliver even more power to the ground by adapting to Cat engines for unrivaled visibility. The other offering is in the form of a full Electronic Clutch Pressure Control System that can make gearshifts run more smoothly and smoothly through changes in direction so that inch modulation is more optimal. In addition, there is another discussion about Cat Grader technology that was previously discussed a bit, in which this technology has an optional system so that cross-slope can be maintained only through blade control on one side only. With the automatic blade control, this machine with a base power of 179 HP is easier, faster, and more efficient to use, especially when doing equalization. So the technology that provides 2D and 3D control is designed to be very reliable because it contains very important components such as Cross Slope, GPS, laser, and others.

        In addition to focusing on maximum performance results, this machine with an operating weight of 42647 lb is also designed with various features that can ensure safety. As there is a secondary electric hydraulic steering pump which plays an important role, especially when there is a sudden drop in pressure, the hydraulic pump will automatically activate so that the operation can stop immediately. Meanwhile, if there is damage to the heavy equipment, the feature that is in charge of stopping the operation is redundant brakes because it loads the accumulator that helps it. As for the other brakes that have other functions, namely the brakes found on each tandem wheel whose function is not to stop but to eliminate the braking load so that the two previously mentioned features can stop the engine accurately and quickly. In addition, these 140 AWD motor graders are equipped with safety features such as fenders on the front and rear, an electric breaker switch and engine shutdown from the ground, a monitor that can be seen clearly, and so on so that the operator does not worry when operating it.

Monday, June 7, 2021

Motor Graders 14

Cat Company has launched a new range of heavy duty vehicles for your construction or mining needs. One of them is Motor Graders version 14, this vehicle functions in moving various materials to get the best grading project. Equipped with 14 feet long blade and 238 HP engine power makes it able to increase productivity with lower fuel requirements. The Eco Mode feature can save fuel while maintaining productivity. The Graders 14 also has an operating weight of 57250 lb. The larger engine allows for better fuel economy and tool balance.

The Cat Company strives to continue to provide maximum comfort for each of its customers, including the convenience of vehicle operators. This tool is equipped with a convenient joystick control, so as to reduce fatigue due to arm movement. Built-in technology improves accuracy, reduces rework, and saves costs. Graders 14 provide precise grading by lowering engine speed to 15% intervals when the tool bounces, further increasing engine rpm systematically when the grader is stable. To help maintain the desired cross slope, this tool is also equipped with a Cross Slope which can automatically control one side of the blade.

            The Motor Graders 14 is proven to be reliable on a wide range of terrain, thanks to its automatic articulation which allows for automatic articulation when driving around corners, obstacles or even tight spaces. Cat fuel-efficient features meet US EPA Tier 4 Final/EU Stage V, Tier 3/Stage IIIA, or Tier 2/Stage II equivalent emission standards. When the economy mode is activated, the maximum engine speed is limited. For better control, the hydraulic flow works in a balanced and proportional manner so as to ensure all systems work and operate simultaneously. In addition, CAT has always focused on the safety of operators and people in the field. Therefore, Motor Graders 14 is supported by various safety support features, such as a rear view camera to increase rear visibility of the vehicle. 

Saturday, June 5, 2021

Forest Machines 568

        The most productive Forest Machines, no less competitive, have more reliability, and the advantages of various features in them that are only issued by Caterpillar. One of the ideal types of machines is Forest Machines 568 with a net flywheel power that reaches 291 HP. The magnitude of this force is supported by greater hydraulic power making it easier to move the machine on precision control to move various materials such as trees, wood, and others in large quantities. This is of course also influenced by the type of engine used, namely the Cat C9.3 engine which has been tested and validated so that it is guaranteed to have Tier 4 Interim emission standards. With the use of this machine, there are three modes that can be selected on this 568, namely high power, standard, and economy. In addition, the advantages also lie in the fuel economy which is more efficient but the horsepower is actually more due to the use of a different engine from the previous type as well as an increase in the system in it.

        Based on this, it can be ascertained that the machine can work more efficiently, especially with the presence of hydraulic horsepower which improves the system in it so that work can be completed in a short time and optimal results. In addition, there are other features that make the engine more efficient, namely the swing priority circuit which is in charge of adjusting the configuration of the engine so that the results are more precise. Then there is also the so-called new electric boom regeneration valve which plays an important role when the operator uses the engine with a fast setting so that fuel economy needs to be increased, especially when the boom goes down the pump flow must be low so that the components can last longer as well because of assistance in engine control. As for greater reliability, the valve configuration is very simple by simply stacking the auxiliary valve above the main valve, which in the main valve has a role in changing the oil channel according to the selected control so as to facilitate maintenance. 

        In addition to the efficiency gained due to these features, strong efficiency is also obtained from the Cat Link Product Technology which offers an engine monitoring system for several things such as fuel, time, location, etc. which are then immediately reported to the gated VisionLinkTM. In addition to this strong efficiency, it turns out that there is a heavy duty construction in this C9.3 category which makes a higher level of durability with minimal downtime risk, one of which is the presence of a heavy duty track roller equipped with track shoe bolts. There is also an upper frame and undercarriage system designed to support the ROPS cab with great strength and stability that is always applied to the application. In fact, the life of the undercarriage can be extended because of the guide guard which does an excellent job of keeping the track level. Other offers include operator comfort due to wider cabin space, cabin lock innovation, premium entry cabins, and others. So with all its advantages, there is no doubt about this 568 engine. 

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Forest Machines 558

        Forest Machines launched by the well-known company Caterpillar consist of various types with their respective advantages, and what will be discussed this time is the 558 type. The engine model used by this type is the same as the 548 type, namely Cat C7.1 with the same hydraulic technology. the same horse power which is increased so that performance under load can remain maximum so that productivity is higher than before and the work process can take place more efficiently. In producing this efficient performance it is also supported by the application of the General Forestry model so that the swing torque can be increased by up to 35% so as to produce additional power to run wood shoveling with a more efficient log shoveling. The positive impact of the increase in swing torque is to make fuel consumption more efficient, reaching 12%. In addition, the existence of various logging applications that are adjusted to the width and length of the track can provide stability in performance over a longer period of time

        Not only hydraulic technology but also the 558 offers other superior technologies for greater efficiency, namely U.S. technology. EPA Tier 4 with high idle speed without wasting fuel. With this technology there is also a configuration for the location of the components with the main hydraulic control valves so that they are back to back so that the oil flow restriction is reduced and can help save fuel as well. In addition, there are also efforts to make components last longer, namely by providing ease of service through a cooling package with a capacity of 12% more. The ease of service actually supports the reliability of the 558, especially when it is equipped with other proven technology, namely excavator technology to ensure that the machine runs smoothly. Unmatched reliability is also impacted by the large 8.5 in pitch of the 349 HEX along with lubricated tracks so that the 558 can withstand a wide range of conditions and over a longer lifetime.

        The special design on the type 558 is not only given to the machine structure but also for the operator's comfort when operating it. Starting from the cab seat air can adjust heating and cooling to help reduce operator fatigue. Then there is the FOB key which is used to access the rear cabin safely, assisted by sufficient light so that it is not dark and provides easy access. There is also another easy access to the engine and hydraulic cooler especially when it comes to cleaning as the cooling fins are automatically reduced per inch to minimize clogging. In addition, there is also a storage area which is located below the ground level of 0.71 m3 in which there are various equipment needed by operators that are ready to use and can be accessed easily.

Monday, May 31, 2021

Forest Machines 538

        Superior performance with unmatched comfort in a machine that greatly contributes to forestry is found only in the production type 538 forest machines from Caterpillar. The superior performance found in the 538 is supported by the Cat C7 engine which is known for its fuel savings and is even able to run on biodiesel B20 because of its specially made configuration to produce maximum work. The fuel economy is due to an adjustment between the hydraulic power and the engine in various working conditions which have been set by the smart mode automatically. In addition, moving wood can also be done very quickly even though the load on the wood is heavy because the swing torque reaches 10% so that this tool can work up to 12% faster. Behind its strength in lifting heavy wood there are heavy lift modes that have been preset on demand as well as the role of a new electro-hydraulic control system that makes the selection of log places at precise power and precision.

        Meanwhile, the operator's convenience is not inferior to other types of forestry machines. Starting from the cabin space that has been certified because of the availability of complete and comfortable facilities with a larger certificate up to 25%. This comfort can be obtained in various weather conditions, whether you are in a location with cold or warm weather because the 538 has been designed using a new dual HVAC system to make operators comfortable whenever and wherever. Even the comfort is not temporary because it can last for the whole year especially equipped with a wider seat and air suspension, the ease of getting in and out of the cabin due to the wider door size, specially designed with a log loader configuration which makes the optional rear entry cabin available. offers a standard USB radio port with bluetooth technology that makes it easy to connect to personal devices, plenty of storage space, to a cab riser with hydraulic tilt to meet job targets with a fixed tilt of 165mm or 1219mm.

        Another advantage of the 538, apart from providing superior performance and operator comfort, lies in its ease of maintenance and simplicity of operation. In the operation, the operator will get a complete, clear, and easy to understand guide. Some of the ways of operating the 538 include the machine that can be turned on just by pressing a button from one of the three features that functions to turn it on, a touch screen monitor that makes it easy to navigate while operating even with high resolution, also equipped with a Cat PL161 Attachment Locator that helps operator if you are looking for the tools needed, and many other conveniences. Meanwhile, easy maintenance can occur because there are several features that do not require maintenance, for example, the diesel particulate filter. Then the replacement of the fuel filter is also not too frequent but only takes 1,000 hours-two times the interval. So that the maintenance will be up to 15% more efficient than the previous type.

Sunday, May 30, 2021

Hydraulic Mining Shovels 6050 FS

Hydraulic Shovels 6050 FS is a Hydraulic that can answer every challenge you face thanks to its reliability. Equipped with an engine output of 2520 HP and an operating weight of up to 591.9 tons making it very effective in various conditions in the field. To get maximum profit in every mining, every day is important and every load must be calculated in order to achieve maximum productivity with the lowest low input. To support this, we made 6050 FS Shovels for you. The 6050 FS shovels are the ultimate CAT support that is very reliable in mining.

The 6050 FS shovels offer a drive system that can be adjusted according to your comfort, there is an electric drive, as well as two diesel engines for better daily work. The electric drive maintains the required roughness and does not require refueling, what is more interesting is that it does not require as much service. To support longer daily productivity, this tool is equipped with a diesel engine that is reliable and durable, resulting in a longer production time as well. This means that you will get a bigger profit too. Engine emissions can also be adjusted based on the amount of fuel emissions you have, the engine that requires more emissions and fewer emissions.

        Shovels 6050 FS operation is designed to be easy, safe, fast. Therefore, it is equipped with the TriPower system, which is already evident from today's ordinary shovels. The system also allows the best possible mechanical control and leverage, and is then designed using a unique small diameter boom with a rotating triangular rocker. Thus, it supports faster cycles, creation of supporting boom momentum, effective lifting force, automatic bucket angle, and automatic roll-back limiter. The 6050 FS shovels are also supported with the best in practicality as they are supported by a retractable service station under the engine module that can be reached from ground level, allowing quick and easy refueling and fluid filling.