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Open Bowl Scrapers 621K

        The Open Bowl Scrapers 621K is one of the top choices for mining businesses who want something more than a mining vehicle. This series is proven to have multiple cycles of faster performance both on loading, traveling and unloading, loading and on the move in the work environment, providing Open Bowl Scrapers 621K consistently high productivity at low cost per material. Some of the advantages that you can find from this vehicle are extra integrated safety features, increased performance up to 8%, and increased operator comfort to stay comfortable working all day long. The new cabin interior and ergonomic controls provide a more comfortable and productive work environment throughout the day.

          The new APECS transmission control system can increase productivity in most applications along with fuel efficiency. An increase in vehicle performance of up to 8% is of course supported by various advanced advanced features such as the use of high-level transmissions and engines that are interconnected allowing for better power utilization and more optimal torque generated by the engine, this is supported by the Advanced Electronic Performance Management System ( APECS). You can also adjust the drive speed to control the top speed according to your preferences and the work area. You can also improve performance with optional payload estimation.

           The 621K Open Bowl Scrapers are also designed to operate efficiently in a variety of conditions. The Cat C13 tractor engine is proven to reduce fuel consumption as it meets US EPA Tier 4 Final and EU Stage V emission standards. Fuel savings are also supported by the latest hydraulic fans. The operator is also able to work in a focused and safe manner due to the overflow guard on the suction arm which can engineer the material from the bowl and prevent it from entering between the suction vane and the bowl wall. You can also monitor the current state of your vehicle via Cat Grade Control (accessory) to perform intelligent monitoring to ensure the machine is not cutting below ground in the cutting area or overfilling in the fill area.

        Operator Comfort and Control is one of the priorities and keys in maintaining optimal performance of this vehicle. The operator is placed in a work cab which is 21% wider than the standard G cab which is also equipped with automatic temperature control. Operators will truly drive with ease with the new high-pressure design and integrated steering system. Operators can also really focus on their work through the intuitive and ergonomic control system.

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