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Thursday, November 26, 2020

ACE400i and AT Gold Garrett Gold Detector

 ACE400i Gold Detector

        ACE400i is a US-made precious stone detector, can also be used to distinguish between ferrous and non-ferrous and is effective in finding various precious metals such as gold, precious metals, artifacts, relics, and ancient coins. This tool is suitable for both beginners and experienced professionals. With a price of $ 861,66 you will get a wide range of reliability of the tool, consumers also get a warranty for 2 years. In 1 purchase package consists of the ACE400i detector machine, sensor protector, waterproof sensor, rain protector, and headphones.

        The ACE400i model is the latest update from the EuroACE350 version in early 2016. Technically, the ACE400i is more optimal and complies with international standards for the needs of finding precious metals. You can search for treasure on land or on the beach with a more optimal depth. The engine structure and easy operating system also make this tool suitable for all circles.

AT Gold Garrett

        AT Gold Garrett is a precious metal detector that has high usage flexibility. This tool can detect precious metals in various fields, namely in forests, rivers, beaches, to mountains. This is because this tool is equipped with a maximum waterproof feature, it is perfect for those of you who are just a hobby of treasure hunting or a professional. Various metals that are effective in this tool are gold, coins, relics, and jewelry. You will be able to find gold easily because it is able to distinguish the type of metal through its conductivity system. 

        In the market this tool is priced at $ 1.221,65 and a warranty of 2 years of use, what's more you can also get special discount prices that are economical. In 1 package, the AT Gold Garrett consists of the AT Gold Detector machine, headphones, and a waterproof PROformance ™ DD coil.

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Gold Detector Part 1

 AT Pro Pointer Detector

            Pro Pointer is a precious metal detection tool that we highly recommend for treasure hunters. This tool is able to detect coins, treasure, and gold grains, and can be used in various fields such as beaches, mountains, rivers, tunnels, even the sea. So that it has a good level of efficiency in terms of time and practicality. The mining process is made easier because Pro Pointer is able to accurately detect metals in various types or types of soil, so that even small targets can be detected by this tool. Then it is also equipped with a camera that can shoot the target more clearly.

For $ 344.79 you can immediately enjoy the full range of reliability of this detector. The stability of the tool is able to increase the working capacity to a depth of 3 m, of course with its waterproof and strong nature. Its simple structure also makes the operation of this tool quite easy to use, you only need to press one button to operate this detector. One thing that makes this tool superior to other detectors is its detection radar range which reaches 360 °.


Monster1000 Minelab Detector

Just like the AT Pro Pointer, the Monster1000 Minelab is a gold detector that is perfect for beginners and experienced gold mining practitioners. This tool has a level of sensitivity in detecting even coarse or very fine gold ore. If you are interested in this mining tool, you can buy it for $ 1672.50 with a variety of other equipment available, of course. One Minelab Monster1000 package includes headphones, battery set and charger, 5 "double-d coil, 10" x 6 ", as well as double-d coil. Then with a 2year warranty.

An interesting feature of this tool is the 45 kHz VLF technology which can detect even the finest gold. Then this tool is also very suitable for a beginner who is just starting a career in the mining world, because it has a fully automatic operating system. You only need to press 1 button, after that let the intelligence of the detector work.

Sunday, November 8, 2020

Concrete Machinery 3

 80 Series Trailer Pump

Trailer Pump is a tool that is very suitable for completing a project related to city building construction, bridges, and so on. The design of each pump trailer product is of course different, and one of the best is the trailer pump that comes from the SANY company. In general, SANY pump trailers consist of several types with almost the same design in each type. One type is the 80 Series Trailer Pump with the HBT8018C-tS (T3) model which is equipped with a pump system with a large displacement coverage.

80 Series Trailer Pump is designed with 3 super systems and 2 advanced technologies, so that the engine power reaches 180 kW. The three systems consist of a sophisticated hydraulic system, an intelligent control system, and an efficient pumping system. Each of these systems has its own advantages ranging from differential pressure control, fault diagnosis and high power mixing motors. Meanwhile, the two advanced technologies referred to are energy-saving technology with one of the advantages of achieving fuel savings of up to 25% and wear-resistant technology with the advantage of the G5 being able to support this tool in order to work optimally. These advantages make this trailer pump series have a max output quantity of 85 / 50m3 / h and a max output pressure of 10 / 18Mpa.


120 Series Trailer Pump

In adopting a material with a high level of technology for the design of a machine, precision is needed in choosing it, besides that there is one high technology that is suitable for use by wear-resistant technology in the form of G5, namely Sino-Germany. This wear-resistant technology is usually always applied to trailer pump products from the SANY company and one of them is the 120 Series Trailer Pump. This trailer pump series has two models, namely the HBT12020C-5M and HBT12020C-5M (CE) models.

The structure of the 120 Series Trailer Pump is rugged and safe because there is emergency overwriting which is an important part of an intelligent control system. There is also a high efficiency in the valve system and pump technology, so that it can also support the performance of the trailer pump to the maximum. Efficient fuel is also one of the key interests of this tool, especially since this type of trailer pump can save fuel as much as 25%. In addition, the design that uses sophisticated technology and systems produces a max output quantity of up to 120 / 75m3 / h, max output pressure reaches 11 / 21Mpa, and an engine power of 297kW on both models of the 120 Series Trailer Pump.

Saturday, November 7, 2020

Concrete Machinery 2

 40/50 Series Trailer Pump

There are so many trailer pumps that are designed with sophisticated technology in today's era because this advanced technology is a development from previous technology, so it has its own advantages that can benefit its users. One type of trailer pump with advanced technology is the 40/50 series with 4 models consisting of HBT4008C-5I, HBT4010C-5I, HBT5008C-5S and HBT5010-5I. In addition, the 40/50 series trailer pump is designed with an advanced two-way hydraulic system which is equipped with a high efficiency valve system. Not only that, this 40/50 series pump trailer also has a structure consisting of a piston that can be pulled automatically so that it makes it easier for its users.

The intelligent control system is also part of the design of the 40/50 series trailer pump which has many advantages, some of which are fault diagnosis. This diagnosis can certainly make it easier for users to find out where the error is if something doesn't go according to plan. The other design part is in the form of a pumping system with a high level of efficiency and a high power mixing motor. Apart from that, the trailer pump for the 40/50 series uses wear-resistant technology so that it can improve performance and has an engine power from 49 kW to 73.6 kW.


60 Series Trailer Pump

Actually the 60 Series Trailer Pump has characteristics that are not much different from the 40/50 series trailer pump, because they both use advanced technology. The difference lies in the power of the engine where the 60 Series Trailer Pump has a higher engine power than the 40/50 series trailer pump. The engine power achieved is ranging from 75kW to 180kW. In its design, the 60 series trailer pump has differential pressure control that uses an advanced two-way hydraulic system so that it can simplify the performance process. The good effect of high flow on the use of sophisticated hydraulic systems is that it can make the valve system have high efficiency. In addition, the 60 series uses an intelligent control system that not only functions as a fault diagnosis but also as a special motion controller.

The new type of hopper is also a part of the design of this 60 series because it can support the efficient performance of the pumping system. Another technology used is the advanced energy-saving technology which is certainly expected by trailer pump users. The energy savings are automatically adjusted by adjusting the engine power released with the load so as to save fuel up to 25%. In addition, there is also wear-resistant technology using the G5 as a tool that can increase the adoption of Sino-German high technology levels.

Friday, November 6, 2020

Ore Processing Equipment Part 7

Spiral Chute

            Is a mining material filtering tool with a particle size of 0.3-0.02 mm. Some of the particles that can be filtered with this tool are rutile, gold, tantalum, tungsten, niobium, coal, zircon, and other types of metals. The working principle of this tool is to place the particles on the support table, then sorting is done by placing the particles on the surface of the spiral groove through the bunker. Furthermore, the particles will be separated radially according to their respective quality (usually made of 4 classes) thanks to the interception trough of the valve product in the spiral groove. The final result of all product particles will be accommodated in a circular cylinder bucket and ready for further processing.

        Spiral Chute is deliberately made with a simple design in order to facilitate the operation and maintenance process. Some of the advantages of this tool are light machine weight, low engine noise, spiral sheet made of glass steel, multi-tube ore distributor, easy machine control, strong spare parts, and uniformly filtered ore yield. smoother. The Spiral Chute also has a fairly reliable performance in its class, which has a working capacity of 4-6 t / hour.


Spiral Classifier

            Just like the Spiral Chute, the Spiral Classifier is also a tool for classifying ore by filtering the product. The concept is to take advantage of differences in density and sedimentation rate of each particle in the water. Where coarse particles will sink, while fine particles will float. The ore that is still coarse will be filtered back on further filtration, while the fine particles will be removed and collected. So this tool is well automated, the machine material used comes from strong steel plates, allowing for quality and long machine life.

The Spiral Classifier has a model name FG-3 with a spiral diameter of 300 mm, and a spiral rotating speed of 12-30 r / min. Allows it to work optimally and quickly. The simple machine structure also makes machine operation easy and convenient. This tool is also equipped with two types of lifters, namely hand lifters and electric lifters.

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Concrete Machinery 1

Truck-mounted Concrete Pump

It is a mining material transport truck that is widely used by the mining industries. This transport truck made by the Sany company is in demand in the market and is widely used by various mining companies in the world. This is thanks to all the reliability that this vehicle offers. First, it is equipped with anti overswing technology, this technology allows to control the boom amplitude with the top rotation brake technology, so that the boom overswing amplitude can be reduced by up to 60%. Second, it has technology that can save fuel consumption, thanks to the pump's working efficiency which can be increased by up to 25%. Allows the use of fuel that can be reduced by up to 10%.

Third, have quality spare parts that are reliable and durable. Some of the spare parts that the company provides are cylinders, concrete pistons, delivery cylinders, plates, transition bushings and delivery pipes. Fourth, equipped with a damage detection tool. It is capable of detecting up to 200 aspects of the system at work, allowing it to speed up the problem repair process by up to 70%. Fifth, it has a sophisticated security system that is able to safely transport excess loads and prevent boom interference. In addition to its various reliability, it turns out that this truck also has easy and cheap engine maintenance costs. To get a wide market reach, this Truck-mounted Concrete Pump has a variety of models, namely 7 models, of course with various specifications offered.


Line Pump

            Just like the Truck-mounted Concrete Pump, this truck is also a transport vehicle that is widely used by mining companies in the world. The various reliability of this vehicle includes: (1) It has intelligent control that regulates the diagnostic system, control panel, and pump motion controller. (2) Has a comfortable operating system, namely automatic piston technology, a fast pump system, and an automatic transfer system. (3) Technology capable of ensuring a stable signal, and various other reliability. This series truck also has easy and cheap engine maintenance. The Line Pump made by Sany has 4 types of models.

Sunday, November 1, 2020

Ore Processing Euipment Part 6

 Filter Press (XMY8 / 450-30U)

An industrial machine that functions to separate solids in a dilute mixture from water and other particles. So, the water can be recovered and ready to be used in each subsequent production cycle. The dirt produced by this machine is easy to remove. The simple machine design is deliberately made to ensure high reliability and work efficiency. Then make the machine operating system easy, economical, safe, and automatic control thanks to the electric panel.

Filter Press model XMY8 has machine components consisting of plate moving device, hydraulic power pack, feed pump, valve and conveyor which are computed by PLC, making machine performance even more optimal. To automate the filtration process also added drip tray system, filter cloth washing system, filtrate collection system, filter cloth shaking system, and others. In terms of specifications the XMY8 model has a filter area: 8m2, room volume: 121 L, and number of plates: 19 pcs. This machine performs the filtration process by injecting the slurry by the feed pump into the filter press, then the slurry will occupy the plate space and with high pressure will dry the cake. The clean water that has been filtered will be put into the drainage gutter so that it is ready to be used again.

The XMY8 filter press can be used in the pharmaceutical, metallurgical, dye, chemical, oil refining, medicine, waste, beer, beverage, food, alcohol, environmental protection and textile treatment industries.

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Sinounique: Ore Processing Equipment Part V

Konsentrator adalah alat yang banyak digunakan dalam bidang industri terutama untuk pengolahan mineral metalurgi, non-logam, kimia, batu bara, dan lain sebagainya. Konsentrator ini memiliki dua bagian utama berupa pengikis penggaruk dan kolam melingkar. Ke dua bagian tersebut tentunya memiliki peran penting, diantaranya untuk terjadinya pengendapan terhadap partikel padat yang tersuspensi sehingga antara padatan dan cairan dapat dipisahkan, kemudian terjadinya dari pengendapan yang berkelanjutan tersebut akhirnya terjadi pengikisan ke port pembuangan. Alat berkapasitas 5.6 t/d ini juga dilengkapi dengan fasilitas pengendalian diri yang lengkap sehingga sistem keamanan saat beroperasi sangat terjamin.

Percepatan terhadap sedimentasi dapat dilakukan oleh konsentrator dengan cara menambahkan flokulan sehingga terjadinya penambahan ukuran partikel padat saat sedimentasi, dan hal tersebut tentunya berpengaruh terhadap kecepatan sedimentasi. Alat ini juga dapat dikatakan sebagai alat penguras trailing di pabrik pengolahan karena kemampuannya dalam meningkatkan pulp yang awalnya 20-30% menjadi 40-70%. Adapun pengembangan yang dilakukan pada alat ini diantaranya yaitu filtrasi dan flokulasi. Selain itu, alat ini dirancang dengan struktur yang terlihat sederhana namun dapat menambah luas pemukiman dengan pemasangan pelat yang miring serta jarak partikel mineral yang mengendap diperpendek.

Agitation Tank
Dalam bidang industri ada banyak sekali alat yang digunakan untuk menyelesaikan berbagai proyek, dan salah satunya adalah tangki agitasi model XB-0507. Tangki agitasi model XB-0507 ini adalah alat yang memerlukan motor V-belt agar terjadinya pergerakan yang menghasilkan perputaran terhadap impeler. Dalam kinerjanya, alat yang memiliki daya motor mencapai 1.1 kw ini mengizinkan terjadinya pencampuran penuh terhadap obat dan pulp. Setelah tercampur sepenuhnya, maka alat ini akan memerlukan waktu dari reaksi efek obat farmasi sehingga dilakukan peningkatan waktu agar reaksi terjadi lebih cepat dari sebelumnya.

Tangki agitasi memiliki ukuran sebesar 900x900x1000 mm dan memiliki dua bagian utama di dalamnya, yaitu strator dan impeler. Dalam kinerjanya alat ini tergolong mampu bekerja secara maksimal, karena tidak hanya melakukan peningkatan waktu reaksi saja, tetapi juga kualitas reaksi obat diperkuat oleh alat ini. Sehingga, penggunaan mesin ini sangat cocok untuk berbagai macam campuran dalam industri kimia, dan bahkan cocok untuk benefisiasi. Sebelum alat berbobot 530 kg ini digunakan sebaiknya operator mengecek kondisi tangki agatasi terlebih dahulu, mulai dari mengencangkan baut yang terdapat di pompa drum pencampur, memeriksa fleksibilitas pada roda putar poros pompa, dan lainnya.

Friday, September 11, 2020

Sinounique: Ore Processing Equipment Part IV

Ceramic Ball Mill
Ceramic Ball Mill adalah salah satu alat penggilingan yang hemat energi dengan kemudahan dan kenyamanan saat beroperasi dapat menjadi daya tarik tersendiri pada alat ini. Alat penggilingan yang memiliki daya motor 2.2 – 75 kw ini sangat cocok digunakan untuk investasi kecil. Tak hanya digunakan untuk penggilingan saja, namun alat ini juga banyak digunakan untuk pencampuran material dan keseragaman ukuran dari produk jadi yang dapat dikendalikan oleh waktu penggilingan. Adapun fitur properti stabil yang menjadi pelengkap dari berbagai fitur alat ini mempunyai peran penting dalam pencampuran bahan umum dan khusus, sekaligus dalam tahap penggilingan.

Perancangan pada alat ini sebenarnya tak kalah lengkap dengan alat penggiling lainnnya, dimana terdiri dari bagian transmisi berupa peredam, roda gigi penggerak motor, dan sistem kontrol. Keandalan pada alat ini didukung oleh pelat liner tahan aus yang berguna dalam memastikan bekerja secara maksimal. Dalam kinerjanya alat ini melibatkan gaya sentrifugal dan gaya gesek sehingga bola aterial dan baja dalam ball mill dapat mencapai ke level yang sama. Hingga didapat hasil akhir yang berbeda-beda sesuai dengan pengklasifikasian spiral. Ada produk yang diterima tetapi ada juga produk kasar yang mengharuskannya dilakukan penggilingan ulang. Sedangkan produk yang diterima artinya sudah penjadi produk akhir atau produk jadi yang sesuai dan berukuran seragam.

Conical Ball Mill
Setelah melalui proses penghancuran pada bahan maka tahap selanjutnya akan dilakukan penggerindaan halus oleh salah satu alat utama yang bernama Conical Ball Mill. Penggerindaan halus oleh Conical Ball Mill model 900x800 ini biasanya digunakan pada semen, bahan konstruksi, pupuk kimia, produk silikat, bahan tahan api, dan lain sebagainya. Penggerindaan ini dikelompokkan menjadi dua jenis, yaitu tipe basah dan tipe kering. Alat gerinda dengan ukuran debit sekitar 0,075-0,89 mm dan ukuran pakan yang tidak lebih dari 20 mm ini juga dapat digunakan untuk metel besi atau non besi dan keramik kaca. Selain itu, alat ini juga memiliki pelat liner tahan aus seperti pada ceramic ball mill yang memungkinkan kinerja stabil dan andal.

Prinsip kerja dari alat ini dimulai dari memasukkan bahan secara seragam melalui poros berlubang yang berada di dalam kabin pertama. Kemudian ball mill mulai diputar hingga melibatkan gaya sentrifugal yang bertugas sebagai pembawa bola baja agar mencapai level yang sama. Lalu untuk penggilingan material perlu dilakukan yang namanya drop down. Setelah itu, proses selanjutnya dilakukan di kabin kedua yang terdapat pelat liner datar dan di situlah material digiling hingga didapat produk akhir yang sesuai. Perlu diketahui juga bahwa prinsip kerja tersebut didukung oleh bagian-bagian tertentu yang terdapat di alat ini, diantaranya bagian transmisi (penggerak roda gigi, sistem control, peredam, dan motor) dan bagian rotasi yang berupa perangkat berputar silinder dengan tipe horizontal.

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Stone Crushing Plant Part IV

Stone Crushing Plant 300-350 t/h
Stone Crushing Plant 300-350 t/h is designed with quality raw materials that certainly have their own selling value and are no less competitive with other types of stone crushing plants. This 110 kw powerful tool has excellent performance behind its easy operation with a large production scope. The use of jaw crusher model PE900X1200 is the third largest jaw crusher with uniqueness located on jaw plate that is able to perform 750mm destruction into small size very easily. The primary destroyer has a very large feed opening that makes it easier for the tool to achieve a high reduction ratio with maximum results.

There are also two sets of PF-1315 impact crushing models that serve as secondary destroyers with larger rotors and have many other advantages such as setting an impact bracket capable of controlling the final product in size as expected. As for other additional mining tools such as VSI or washing machines that serve as tertiary destroyers with their ability to diversify the final product. While dust catchers are used to keep the surrounding environment awake. Thus, the end result will be perfect with high pressure strength and no cracks in it. In addition, it is suitable for bridges, speedways, and other construction projects.

Sand Making Production Line
This sand making tool has low power consumption, but has the advantage of a high level of operation and a high destruction ratio as well. Coupled with the technical support provided to the customers becomes a plus for this tool. In its design, it consists of PE-Jaw Crusher, PEX-Jaw Crusher, vibrating screen, vibrating feeder, vertical shaft impact crusher, to sand washer as a complement. The specific category in the selection of such equipment is to have a capacity ranging from 50 t/h – 500 t/h.

This tool is designed with completeness so that it has a nice shape and certainly with the shape that you want. It is also highly automated in operation, and can even produce finished products of a flat size. The completeness of these features is certainly very influential to the quality of the finished product, but in its success there are other factors that support. As it is noted that the entire production line of sand making consists of many items, one of which is a vertical shaft impact destroyer. In addition, it also consists of some of the same items as other equipment ranging from belt conveyors, vibrating feeders, vibrating screens, jaw crushers, sand washers, to electrical control systems.

Monday, September 7, 2020

Stone Crushing Plant Part III

Stone Crushing Plant 150-180 T/H
The crushing and filtering system used by stone crushing and screening plant type machine is in the form of jaw and impact crushing plant 150-160 t/h. Both systems certainly have a very important role to play in completing a project in order to get the most out of it. Components include the PE750*1060 jaw crusher, the PF1315 impact destroyer, and the GZD1100*4200 vibrating feeder. There are also other components in the form of B800*17M belt conveyors that have the function of transporting large quantities of units.

Stone crushing plant 150-180 t/h is equipped with a type of motor in the form of AC Motor that is able to help the performance of the tool run very smoothly. There is also a vibrating screen component that serves to sift through the material in order to form the size to suit your desires. It also has the same centralized electrical control system as the stone crushing plant with a capacity of 40-60 t/h and in serving the customer's needs it also provides other equipment such as dust catchers. In addition, this tool is very suitable for medium investment, as it will be ideal for customers.

Stone Crushing Plant 200-250 T/H
The potential of PE750X1060 in stone crushing plant 200-250 t/h is utilized as an early jaw destroyer with quarry line application. The size of the enlarged outlet is done in practical production so that it can work efficiently and be able to produce more products with a very rapid improvement. In addition, an extension of the engine service time and savings to production costs are made, making it very profitable for buyers looking for stone crushing plant with affordable but maximum production costs in working.

Efficiency to its performance is also affected by round vibrating screens throughout the filtration process, so accuracy in the classification stage of raw materials will be achieved. As for the secondary destruction process carried out by two PF-1214 type impact destroyers with the same up time. There is also a finished product shape that is expected to be in the form of a regular cube with a high level of pressure strength and is classified as smooth making there are no cracks in it. This tool is very suitable for use against a wide range of construction projects, such as speedways, tunnels, etc., or rather it is used for further analysis for more perfect results.

Sunday, September 6, 2020

Stone Crushing Plant Part II

Stone Crushing Plant 40-60 T/H
Efficient automatic production with an affordable level of consumption is one of the advantages of Stone Crushing Plant 40-60 t/h. The tool includes a mini type in the demolition path that is suitable for completing a project with small-scale business investment. This tool has good specifications according to the needs of its customers in order to perform stone destruction with the maximum level of performance, equipped with the offer of adding other features such as dust catcher if needed. The factory is also equipped with vibrating feeder model GZD850X2300 and max feeding size no more than 400 mm.

The completeness of the features on the Stone Crushing Plant 40-60 t/h consists of a shredder and filtration system in the form of a jaw crusher and a cone 40-60t/h. The scope of these features includes pe500*750 jaw crusher, PYB900 cone destroyer, B500*18M belt conveyor, and so on. So the operation and installation is relatively simple but able to produce stone shape according to the desire, then also supported by Jaw Crusher PE-500 X 750 model. In addition, it has a replaceable screen net making it possible to produce final products of different stone sizes and is certainly perfect for the manifold construction industry.

Stone Crushing Plant 100-120 T/H
The popularity of a crusher plant is certainly very influential to the appeal of the customers who will buy it. The higher the popularity, the higher the likelihood of purchasing it, and vice versa. As stone crushing plant 100-120 t/h is very popular in various countries such as in the Middle East, South Africa, America, India, and Sudan. Most of these countries, using this tool to destroy iron, basalt, granite, and limestone. In addition, the tool uses vibrating feeder model ZSW 380 X95 with max feeding size of no more than 500 mm.

This type of stone crushing plant uses the PE-600 X 900 jaw crusher model which is applied as the first crushing part with abrasive characteristics of a high quality crusher in switching parts that are easy to replace. The decrease in production costs made by this tool has absolutely no negative effect on the final result, but instead gets a significant increase in results. So as to minimize production costs. The alternative that can be done to produce the final product to the maximum with different sizes is to cooperate with vsi destroyers.

Saturday, September 5, 2020

Cement Production Line Part III

Raw Material Ball Mill
It is one of the cement productions tools that serves in grinding material material after the process of destruction of the material. The company that produces Raw Material Ball Mill one of them is Sinounique, the engineers of the company managed to make a reliable and efficient cement grinding machine through a long development process. Raw Material Ball Mill is widely used in cement industry, glass ceramics, construction, and fire-retardant materials industry. This tool is also able to grind various minerals, making it suitable in the manufacture of glass ceramics. The company also provides different designs that can be customized to different types of materials and technical requirements as well, allowing it to reach broader work capabilities.

Sinounique's Raw Material Ball Mill has a production capacity of 4.5-6 (t/h), a full transmission type, and a motor power of 130 (kw). Full transmission features can be customized to different specifications. In terms of design, the structure is made a separate room which makes the lifting blade more flexible and there is a fixed lift bar. To improve the milling process, the engine cylinder uses a new type step layer. The working of this tool starts by inserting the material in the mouth of the machine, then the transmission device will rotate with a cylinder. The steel ball will rotate along with the cylinder, and when it reaches a certain height the ball will fall due to gravity. The material will be destroyed by steel balls through repetition up, down, and shifting steel balls. Thus, the crushed material will be removed by the machine of the desired size.  

Single Drum Cooling Machine
It is one of the cement productions tools that serves in cooling the clinker. It is capable of cooling clinkers that have temperatures of up to 1000-1300 °C. Clinker itself is a hydraulic material composed of calcium silicate and phase clinker. Clinker is widely used as a material to make cement. Sinounique's Single Drum Cooling Machine has a variety of interesting features that make this cooling machine efficient. Simple machine structure design facilitates machine maintenance and operation process. There are airways that can let outside air in and cool the material. The air circulation acts as a secondary coolant, so it does not require energy consumption.

The way this tool works is to insert the clinker through the feed device. The cooling machine will move around so that there will be a maximum heat exchange with the air. The material will then be rolled forward until it reaches the disposal end, to ensure that the material temperature can drop to below 200 °C. It is also supported with a working capacity of 2-3 t/h, 15 kw motor power, and uses the ZQ500 series main speed silencer.

Friday, September 4, 2020

Sinounique: Stone Crushing Plant Part 1

Mobile Cone Crusher
Mobile cone crusher model YDS50 is one of the destroyers designed with classy quality such as jaw crusher and impact crusher. This mobile vibrating screen 3YA1235 model is equipped with a safe and comfortable conveyor belt. The high environmental capabilities are also possessed by this tool, even various obstacles can be handled by this machine, especially regarding the condition of the location it provides. Although it is relatively simple but this machine is able to work efficiently due to the concept of designing against adaptation capabilities that are fully applied in various systems.

Various demolition conditions can be overcome by this tool, then also supported with pyb900 model cone crusher and good engine configuration. Mobile Cone Crusher has a size of 10800x2480x4170 with low operating costs and friendliness to the environment. Another feature that supports the performance of this tool is the integration of motors and control panels. In addition, the convenience for highway transportation can also be created by this engine by involving an attractive steering shaft. There is also an integration feature with a landing gear that speeds up installation and comfort in the site area.

Mobile Construction Waste Crusher
Mobile Construction Waster Crusher model YPS150 is a mobile construction waste crushing machine that has the same concept as jaw crusher, impact crusher, and cone crusher which is equally designed with high adaptation capabilities. These adaptation capabilities apply in a variety of ways, from the environment, the conditions of destruction, and the various obstacles that this tool can face. It is also equipped with vibrating feeder model GZT-0724 so that in operation it is able to work to the maximum even with simple-looking equipment.

The capacity of this mobile reaches 40-100 t/h with the best foundation configuration and completeness of components in it can make this tool highly recommended to complete a project. The use of hydraulic system in this tool is used at the end if needed, if it is not needed then the operating cost can be reduced. In addition, the use of this tool is also relatively simple and uncomplicated, and can be easily understood by the operator. The efficiency of this tool lies in the use of its components, namely by connecting electricity on site so that the mobile can operate.

Thursday, September 3, 2020

Sinounique: Stone Crusher Part VI

Raymond Mill
Raymond Mill is a milling tool designed with a three-dimensional structure accompanied by the stability and reliability of its transmission, making it look simple with effective and efficient working capabilities. This tool is suitable for milling against limestone, calcite, ceramic, barite, marble, and so on. Various carbons can also be milled by these tools, such as activated carbon, black carbon, and others. As for the category of raw materials that can be milled by this machine is raw materials that have a hardness level of Mohs no more than 7 with a humidity level of < 6%. In addition, there are main requirements of raw materials to be processed, namely non-flammable and non-explosive.

In its working principle, of course, this tool involves other machines to help achieve the milling process, some of which are Jaw Crusher, Bucket Elevator, and Vibrating Feeder. Initially the raw material will be destroyed first by Jaw Crusher of the desired size, then bucket elevator will send it to Silo, until the material is imported into the mill. Then done the milling process until producing the final product with a range of 30-325 mesh as desired. While products that are not suitable size will be grinded back in the milling room. When the device is operating, all systems are airtight with negative pressure.

Crawler Drill
Crawler Drill model KY100 is one of the tools used in the world of mining with him. Crawler Drill known as wagon drill or crawler drilling drill is used to drill against blast holes below 30 m above the rock. It is designed by a 2-cylinder diesel engine so its reliability while operating is unquestionable. Moreover, it is supported by its great power and very strong capabilities. The adoption of patented devices is also done by this tool to regulate the air ducts that enter the diesel engine so that it lasts long during use.

This tool is very well designed and certainly very attractive, equipped with a canopy, the use of swing-beam type in adjustment of travel control mechanism with position when operating that can be done on the side or behind. Its high adaptability makes it able to adapt on mountain roads. Other factors that support the performance of this tool are the special hydraulic consumption and gear transmission that has been adopted by this tool, in order to increase the stability and to make the system more reliable. In addition, the height of the horizontal hole and the angle of the drilling hole can be adjusted to the liking.

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Sinounique: Ore Processing Equipment Part III

LS Series Shaking Table
It is one of the ore processing tools that serves in sorting material materials in the form of mineral sludge (gold, bismuth, lead, iron, titanium, chromium, manganese, niobium, and tantalum), ore sand, coal, and other mixing materials that correspond to the available feed size. This tool has a material feed size of 2 ~0.5 mm, and a feed capacity of 20~35. LS Series Shaking Table is a material sorting machine made by Sinounique company. Composed of structures consisting of motors, beds, rifle bars, water tanks, lubrication systems, bunkers, tune slope units, motors, and engine heads.

The way the tool works uses the principle of mineral gravity differences, oblique flow, bed bar shape, and differential movement of the machine head. This tool will selectively sort the material and remove it through the mouth of the disposal. The material that comes out will have the size as desired.

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Sinounique: Ore Processing Equipment Part II

Rod Mill
It is one of the ore processing tools that serves in grinding and destroying material material into powder. The milling process can be done by dry milling or wet milling. The company's engineers make grinding machines with uniform material output and high working capacity. Sinounique's Rod Mill has a rotary speed of up to 36-38 r/min, allowing it to do the job quickly and effectively. This tool is widely used in metallurgical, chemical, and other relevant industries. Rod Mill has the ability to produce fire retardant materials, even capable of making glass with high quality and uniform.

The working principle of Rod Mill is to drive the cylinder by motor through the reduction gears. Then the material will go into the ball mill by centrifugal force and friction style. The material will be milled and crushed on the ball mill, then the already smooth material will come out through the mouth of the disposal. While the material that has not been smooth will be milled back on the ball mill until it gets the desired level of smoothness. The simple and simple design of the machine also makes the operation process and maintenance of the machine easy and cheap.

Magnetic Separator
It is a tool that serves in separating raw minerals in various magnetic minerals such as limonit, hematite, tantalum-niobium, and wolfram. It is capable of processing weak magnetic minerals even finer. In addition to mineral separators, Magnetic Separators are also widely used to purify nepheline, feldspar, and quartz. This machine is made in order to recover feromagnetic materials with high working efficiency. Sinounique's Magnetic Separator is cyclically designed with process vessels (220~3050 mm). Some of the advantages of the machine are in its high magnetic intensity but with low fuel consumption, low magnetic flux leakage rate, the arrival of a pipe plate made of stainless steel, and an easy maintenance process.

Magnetic Separator has a shell length of 1200 mm, case diameter of 600 mm, feeding size of 2-0 mm, shell rotation speed of <35 r/min, electric power of 1.5 kw, and working capacity of 10-20 t/h. The operation of the machine uses a ring-shaped closed magnetic system, while the energy coil comes from a copper tube cooled by water.

Monday, August 31, 2020

Sinounique: Stone Crusher Part V

Vibrating Feeder
When entering the process of destruction of materials will certainly be required tools that can send material shaped and granules evenly. The type of tool in question is Vibrating Feeder designed by a simple structure consisting of motors, motor mobility devices, springs, vibrating frames, and vibrators. It can also deliver in a timely, continuous, even roughly filtered material. The GZD-850*3000 vibrating feeder has a production capacity of 120 t/h, and has adjustable vibration strength. In addition, as with most crushers, it is also widely used to destroy and sift through building materials, milling industry, chemical industry, mining, and others.

Vibrating Feeder has the ability to work effectively and efficiently with low power consumption, smooth vibration, and ease of operation. The low noise level of this machine is able to create comfort to the operator so that it can support maximum final product results. There is also a working principle in this machine that starts from the gears rotated on two fixed eccentric shafts of the motor. Then, the motor movement and rotation of the two eccentric shafts can produce a large linear power that makes the feeder vibrate back and forth, so that it can derail the material into the funnel until it reaches the filtering stage with the fall of the smaller material and that's when the filtration is said to be successful.

Vibrating Screen
Vibrating Screen is a tool used for grading and screening materials in various fields, such as building materials, minerals, quarry, and so on. Stability in performance in this machine is certainly influenced by several factors, ranging from multi-layer features owned with a variety of different sizes, the application of broad fastening bolts, filtering specifications, and others. The function of multi-layer is to filter against different types of materials with a special size. In addition, the engine with a 5.5 kw power motor has a large handling capitas up to 810 tons/hour.

Low power consumption is an attraction of its own, because of course it can minimize the operating costs incurred. In addition, the factors that support the smooth use of this machine are small amplitude, high frequency, length of life, magnitude of slope structure, and others. The machine also has the principle of working on the vibrating screen in the movement of the vibrator involving a V-belt with power under the regular motor, resulting in a alternating cycle on the body of the screen. In addition, there is also a round movement on the surface of the screen until it reaches the stage of enrichment of the material.

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Sinounique: Cement Production Line Part II

Rotary Dryer
It is a rotary dryer that serves to dry the material to a certain humidity. Widely used in metallurgical industry, material construction, chemical, and mineral industry. This dryer is able to dry various materials made of various kinds of materials with simple and reliable operation. Sinounique rotary dryer has dimensions x length of 1.2 × 8.0m - 3.6 × 28m, and is supported with production capacity reaching 1.9-76.0 t / h. It is possible to perform production optimally, but with low fuel consumption.

Rotary dryers have a section structure consisting of transmission devices, seal rings, support devices, lifting blades, and rotary bodies. This machine lifting knife is capable of many things, such as lifting materials, guiding and equating materials, and so on. This dryer is very efficient to use, even able to reduce electricity and coal by 10-15%. It is then able to increase production capacity by 10-15%. This is because the dryer can distribute material evenly on radical parts. Thus, it can utilize heat energy to the maximum. The material will be fully in direct contact with the hot air flow. The material will be dried on the cylinder by interchangeable heat energy between the material and the hot air cylinder. Thus, it will reduce the moisture level of the dried material.

Air-swept Coal Mill
It is a dryer that is often used to reduce the moisture of coal material. It consists of a machine structure consisting of rotation devices, feeders, transmission devices, main bearings, lubricant systems, high-pressure start-up devices, and usage devices. This tool becomes one of the components of the tool in making coal powder. Air-swept Coal Mill is often used in metallurgical, chemical, cement making, steam power, and other industries. Sinounique's coal dryer has a working capacity of 8-43 t/h, allowing for maximum work in the field. Plus there are three plates on the cylinder that can improve performance, namely ripple layer plates, double-glazed coating plates, and sequential snoozing layer plates. Air strokes on the engine are driven by motors through gears and silencers.

The working principle of this tool starts by inserting the material into the feeder device. To dry the material, the hot air (300) will then be inserted through the airways on the feeding device. Thus, there will be a heat exchange with hot air, making the material dry. Dry coal will go through the next process, namely the milling process until the material becomes powdered. Ingredients that have not been a fine powder will be re-ground until properly correct into a fine powder.

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Sinounique: Stone Crusher Part IV

Sand Making Machine
In the process of destroying minerals into somes certainly requires Sand Making Maching because it is the tool that takes on such an important role. Sand making machine has a strength of up to 37-55 kw so it is suitable for the destruction of materials with medium to high hardness levels. Sand Making Machine is divided into two types, the first type is named rock-on-iron and the second type is named rock-on-rock. Of these two types the highest sand production is produced by a higher type of rock-on-iron about 10%-20% than rock-on-rock. In addition, low pollution levels and a noise level of 75 decibels can provide comfort during operation and keep the environment awake.

This 5600 kg machine is designed with a simple structure but is able to work to the maximum to produce the final product with a size of <5mm. When compared to other crushers it is superior in destroying medium hard, extra hard, and abrasive materials. In addition, not only does the level of hardness affect the performance and final product produced by this tool, but it is also affected by the humidity of the material with a maximum humidity level of 8%. As for the milling process that can be done by this tool on concrete aggregate buildings, concrete, metal, anti-fire materials, and so on. Even the formation of highway surfaces can be done by this machine.

Wheel Type Sand Washer
After smooth destruction by the sand making machine, a sand washer is required to clean the dirt on the sand and stone powder obtained in the final product of the sand making machine. This is done in order to produce a better and certainly more quality final product. This XS-220 model sand washer has a power of about 4 kw so it is able to perform very well with its high processing capacity. In addition, it also has a wheel of about 2200 mm and an output of 15-30 t/h.

This 3300 kg sand washer is not only used for washing, but is also used in the process of drying quartz sand at construction sites, sandstone factories, and so on. This tool is also used to assess the type of quartz sand that it will process. In addition, this tool that measures 3150x1910x2280 mm has a structure that is relatively simple as the design applied to the sand making machine. The other advantages of this machine are its friendliness in maintenance and operating costs, as well as low power consumption and spare parts.