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Sinounique: Stone Crusher Part III

Hammer Crusher
In completing certain projects, especially a project engaged in mining and industry will certainly not be separated from its need for crushing tools. However, not all crushers have the ability to destroy hard material due to the role of each different type of crusher. However, some crushers have such capabilities, one of which is Hammer Crusher which is capable of destroying even hard materials, with rotor speed support that reaches 1200 r/min making hammer crusher is classified as effective and efficient in addition to weak abrasion.

Hammer Crusher PC 400x300 model has a capacity of up to 5-8 t/h and compression strength during the material destruction process that should not be more than 100Mpa and the percentage of water content is less than 15%. Some of the materials that can be destroyed by Hammer Crusher include gypsum, coal, limestone, shards of wood, and so on. The destroyer also features a large range of demolition ratio products and damaged places in lieu of traditional two to three-stage disburses. Like some other destroyers, it is also very friendly to repairs and operating costs.

Hydraulic Cone Crusher
GPY series single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is a product designed with a combination of high capacity and laminate. This destroyer is designed by advanced Japanese technology so that it is able to work efficiently and can save energy during operation. The optimization of the crushing cavity results in the uniformity of the granularity of the product and the greater destruction ratio is characteristic of this tool. In addition, the robustness of its structure makes it able to operate in the long term and is equipped with the sophistication of overload protection sisterm so that there is no need to worry about destroying even the most difficult materials.

The high level of automation and speed of understanding of the operator when going into operation is able to minimize failures that occur while operating. In addition, its simplicity when operating makes the intensity of the workforce decrease, but the efficiency of the work is improved. The working principle of this tool is that the round of the motor that passes through the pulley is carried out during the operation, then performed playback of the cone part and the shaft moves under the eccentric casing. This makes the distance of the cone crushing mantle close, until it enters the final stage which is the ongoing process against the destruction of ore carried out in the crushing chamber until it produces the final product of the desired size. Whereas if there is damaged material it will be disposed of immediately.

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