Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Sinounique: Stone Crusher Part II

Jaw Crusher
The high level of destruction is not only owned by Symons Cone Crusher and Spring Cone Crusher, but also owned by Jaw Crusher with a power motor that reaches 5.5 kw. Jaw Crusher is designed with a simple structure but has the ability to destroy various materials with <320Mpa compression power. The high reliability at the time of this tool's operation is also unquestionable because it has two series with different uses, namely PE and PEX until the formation of flatness to product size ratio. The function of the PE series is used during primary destruction, while the PEX series is used for secondary and smooth destruction.

The working system of this tool starts with moving the engine oeh motor. It then moves an eccentric shaft involving a motor wheel, a triangular belt, and a slot wheel. The movement aims to form a jaw plate that can be moved by movement in accordance with its previously arranged path. Thus, this destroyer can work to the maximum, where the material inside the crushing cavity starts from the fixed jaw plate, there is a jaw plate that can be moved, to the onsling and destruction. In addition, the tool is also very friendly to the cost of surgery and maintenance.

Impact Crusher
Like other destroyers, Impact Crusher also has expertise that can destroy all kinds of pressurized rocks < 350 Mpa. As for the good construction design of Impact Crusher is very influential to the efficiency of its performance and in fact the crusher with a power motor that reaches 45 kw has a high level of efficiency. In the process of destruction of marble, limestone, and granite there are 3 types of destruction that can be done as well as jaw crusher ranging from pimer destruction, secondary, and smooth. This crusher is more widely used for the production of sand, railways, building materials, and various other types of rocks in the industrial field.

Impact Crusher's working principle is very simple especially equipped with strong impact force, abrasion resistance, and high chrome hammer board making. Thus, it has a high level of reliability. The step by step process of destroying the material until it produces the final product is starting with the entry of the material into the hammer board, then getting into the material throwing stage into the impact device at a high speed. After that, the material is carried out to the scale board and immediately re-demolished until it becomes small pieces even granules. Thus, produce the final product that comes out of the collision destroyer and the size of the product will eventually match the specified.

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