Friday, August 28, 2020

Sinounique: Ore Processing Equipment Part I

Flotation Machine
It is a metal ore processing machine widely used in the mining and metallurgical industries. The machine has an engine component structure consisting of motors, air filling systems, stirrers, pulp tanks, and usage systems. Ore amp-stirring tools serve in removing ore deposits (made of vertical shafts, rubber impellers, and pulley belts). The air filling system serves in producing bubbles that are useful in making the conditions necessary for flotation. Sinounique Flotation Machine has an impeller diameter of 300 mm, and machine dimensions of 700 × 700 × 750 mm. Allows for large quantities of material flotation.

The working principle of flotation machine starts by inserting ore that has been destroyed and has been mixed with water +neceaary substance for further destruction stage. Then do the air filling to produce bubbles, later hydrophobic ore will stick and float on the surface. Bubbles will be eliminated and function in the collection of mining materials.

Ball Mill
It is the same ore processing machine as with flotation machine. However, it works in grinding materials to make cement, fertilizer, iron ore pads, glass ceramics, silicate sand, and other building materials. This machine can grind various materials in wet or dry conditions. In terms of structure, the machine consists of rotary parts, discharging parts, drive parts (electric controls, electric motors, small gears, and silencers), and feeding parts. The advantages of this machine are its good wear resistance, and removable pour+liner steel, In terms of performance, it can work optimally with a good level of stability.

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