Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Sinounique: Cement Production Line Part I

Rotary Kiln
Rotary Kiln is a means of producing building materials in the form of cement. However, it is not limited to cement making. This tool is also capable of making chemicals and lime materials. With a machine production capacity of 180-10000t / hour, it is possible to work efficiently in the field. The cement produced by Rotary Kiln is available in wet cement and dry cement. The manufacture of lime kilns is usually used for steel mills and ferroalloy factories, in the steel factory the lime acts as a fuel.

Rotary Kilns are designed by Sinounique's engineers to work reliably, robustly and with less energy. The simple machine design also facilitates the maintenance and cleaning process of the machine.

Cement Mill
It is a cement factory made by the Sinounique company. This machine functions in the continued process of cement production after the crushing stage. The crushed cement will be ground by this machine. Thus, Cement Mill is widely used in the silicate cement industry which is supported by a motor power of 245 kw. Apart from that, it also has a machine production capacity of 6.5-8 (t / hour). One of the advantages of this machine lies in the various specifications the company offers. Allows to make it easier for consumers to determine their needs.

The working principle of this machine is to move the cylinder rotating by the transmission. Then the cylinder will also move the steel ball, when the steel ball reaches a certain height, the ball will fall due to gravity. Furthermore, the steel ball will be carried back again by the cylinder (it keeps repeating like that). So, it can grind the raw material effectively and together with the liner plate. In terms of features, the engine is equipped with full drive and middle drive as transmission. Designed with a flexible shape allows for easy repair and cleaning of the machine.

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