Saturday, August 29, 2020

Sinounique: Stone Crusher Part IV

Sand Making Machine
In the process of destroying minerals into somes certainly requires Sand Making Maching because it is the tool that takes on such an important role. Sand making machine has a strength of up to 37-55 kw so it is suitable for the destruction of materials with medium to high hardness levels. Sand Making Machine is divided into two types, the first type is named rock-on-iron and the second type is named rock-on-rock. Of these two types the highest sand production is produced by a higher type of rock-on-iron about 10%-20% than rock-on-rock. In addition, low pollution levels and a noise level of 75 decibels can provide comfort during operation and keep the environment awake.

This 5600 kg machine is designed with a simple structure but is able to work to the maximum to produce the final product with a size of <5mm. When compared to other crushers it is superior in destroying medium hard, extra hard, and abrasive materials. In addition, not only does the level of hardness affect the performance and final product produced by this tool, but it is also affected by the humidity of the material with a maximum humidity level of 8%. As for the milling process that can be done by this tool on concrete aggregate buildings, concrete, metal, anti-fire materials, and so on. Even the formation of highway surfaces can be done by this machine.

Wheel Type Sand Washer
After smooth destruction by the sand making machine, a sand washer is required to clean the dirt on the sand and stone powder obtained in the final product of the sand making machine. This is done in order to produce a better and certainly more quality final product. This XS-220 model sand washer has a power of about 4 kw so it is able to perform very well with its high processing capacity. In addition, it also has a wheel of about 2200 mm and an output of 15-30 t/h.

This 3300 kg sand washer is not only used for washing, but is also used in the process of drying quartz sand at construction sites, sandstone factories, and so on. This tool is also used to assess the type of quartz sand that it will process. In addition, this tool that measures 3150x1910x2280 mm has a structure that is relatively simple as the design applied to the sand making machine. The other advantages of this machine are its friendliness in maintenance and operating costs, as well as low power consumption and spare parts. 

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