Monday, August 3, 2020

Mobile Crusher Plant Part II

Mobile Jaw Crusher Plant
Mobile jaw crusher plant is a mobile stone crushing powered from 10-450 t / h which is very effective and efficient and can be used in various crushing and screening industries. Starting from urban or building construction, ore mining, metallurgy, and so forth. This tool is an amalgamation of filtering, stone crushing, and feeder tools. In addition, granular materials such as gravel, sand, and the like or also called "aggregates" can be produced by this tool. Not only producing, but this tool is also able to recycle various types of construction waste.

This stone shredder has a different working system in accordance with its requirements, so it is divided into two processes namely the first crushing and the second screening, or the opposite applies namely the first filtering and the second crushing. There are also types of this mobile namely a two-stage system which includes primary and secondary crushing, and a three-stage system covering primary, secondary and tertiary. This type of mobile crusher is assembled based on different requirements. The strong structure makes this mobile jaw crusher easily moved from one location to another.

Mobile Impact Crusher Plant
The flexible configuration of a crusher is usually owned by various types of mobile crushers, one of which is a mobile impact crusher plant that has exceptional adaptability with an energy of 10-180 t / hr. The cost of this mobile is high because it includes an unlimited environment and has high strength to destroy the hardest stones (400Mpa). Besides acting as a hard stone crusher, the mobile impact crusher plant is also the same as other types of mobile crusher plants that are capable of producing aggregate and recycling construction waste, even this machine is capable of destroying tunnels and outdoor mining.

Equipment needed by the mobile impact crusher plant to operate smoothly, quickly, precisely on demand include impact crushers, vibrating feeders and screens, jaw crushers, and folding belt conveyors. The work system begins with the use of an excavator to process raw materials that have been added to the feeder, then the primary crushing is done by breaking the jaw stone, then the secondary is demolished, then finally qualified to obtain quality material as a finished product. All of these processes are of course adapted to customer demand, especially if customer demand is of a high standard so more complete equipment is needed such as a sand making machine, dust removal, and cone crusher.

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