Sunday, August 2, 2020

Sand Making Machine Part II

High-efficiency Fine Crusher
Is a sand shredder that is usually made as cement material. Produces fine sand crushing with low and efficient operational costs. Crusher has a machine with a capacity of 20-270 t / hour. In addition to sand, this crusher is also capable of destroying other materials such as andesite, basalt, limestone, gravel, and granite. Crusher has become one of the company's superior products with a high level of trust and use by consumers

To get the optimal level of crushing, it starts from a good crushing room and easy-to-get spare parts. The hammer is designed with quality materials consisting of titanium and tungsten alloys, all materials used have high wear resistance. Thus, it can extend the life of the crusher. The company's engineers work hard to produce machines with high and reliable technology. The crusher has a feeding size of 120mm-200mm which allows for greater work capacity. In crushing the material, this crusher does not require a third demolition, which makes it possible to work independently. In terms of structure it is also simple. Making it easier work operations and maintenance costs.

Double Roller Crusher
Is a type of secondary crushers with medium to soft fineness for various types of rocks such as limestone, coke, coal, brick, granite, clinker, and other types of rock. Supported with engine capacity of 10-85 t / hour. The principle works by destroying the material with two strong spinning reels. Material enters through the mouth of food and exits through engine exhaust. If there is material that is too hard and difficult to destroy, then the material will automatically be removed. So, it can prevent engine damage.

Roller Crusher is designed with various components that are resistant to wear with copper alloys. Thus, the engine becomes durable and durable. One of the advantages of the machine is the scraper feature without a motor that can eliminate materials with too high a water content. The machine also can-do flat rollers or toothed rollers. So, it can be adjusted to the conditions in the field.

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