Saturday, August 1, 2020

Stone Crushing Machine Part II

Hydraulic Cone Crusher
Hydraulic Cone Crusher is a stone shredder developed by the company's engineers for more than 20 years. Of course, it aims to produce a reliable, efficient, and economical shredder. Thus, greater profit results are obtained. The capacity of the machine used is 40-600 t / hour, support for various types of stone materials such as round stone, quartzite, granite, sandstone, iron ore, and others. It is suitable for those of you who work in the mining industry, bridge construction, road construction, building construction, metallurgical industry, and so forth.

Hydraulic Cone Crusher has a working principle that is supported by a variety of main features of the crusher consisting of the main shaft, frame, transmission device, cone and mantle, hydraulic pressure station, springs, bowl-shaped bearings, and eccentric shafts. Each component has a different function when working. Thus, stable, and efficient engine performance can be achieved in fuel consumption. In addition, the hydraulic system used can facilitate the opening of the use and better maintenance.

Heavy hammer crusher
Heavy hammer crusher is one of the shredders made by Baichy with a fairly large size. This crusher is designed with an alloy composite hammer that can reduce production costs by up to 35%. The machine has a capacity of 100-800 t / hour which can destroy even large stones. Both types of gypsum, tile, brick, coal, alum, salt, and various other types of stone. The working principle of this machine is to move the rotor in the crushing cavity by the motor. Then the hammer will spin very fast and destroy the incoming material, so that the material is produced at the desired level of refinement.

Heavy hammer crusher has a larger size than other types of stone crusher. Thus, it has a greater work capacity as well. However, with low energy consumption. In terms of design, this machine is designed with a simple structure to facilitate the maintenance process and its operation. The existence of a scar design also makes the machine avoid the risk of clogging wet soil material.

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