Sunday, July 26, 2020

Mobile Crawler Jaw Crusher

Mobile Crawler Jaw Crusher is a crushing machine commonly used in mining areas to destroy various aggregates such as sand, rock, and other aggregate / waste crushing. However, its use is not only limited to the mining and metallurgical industries, the shredder can also be used in the building construction industry or the like. This machine carries out primary (coarse) aggregate crushing, so re-crushing (secondary) aggregates are needed to obtain the desired level of fineness. Mobile Jaw Crusher is equipped with intelligent engine control, easy to move, and efficient use of fuel. When working, the machine has a processing capacity of 90t / hour ~ 250t / hour, then the machine is powered by a hydraulic system with compressive strength lower than 320Mpa.

ACE Group engineers strive to produce a shredder that is effective and can meet the needs of every client. Reliable crushing jaws combined with a good and tight strung system. In general, this shredder has main components consisting of a Food Unit, Manhole, Jaw Crusher, Control Screen, Maintenance Platform, Belt Conveyor, Remote Control, and Strickland Track. The maintenance platform is made to facilitate the maintenance and inspection process, then to get access to the crusher and powerpack.

In addition to being effective and efficient, this shredder also has many other advantages including: a) special cavities, smaller locking angles, greater strokes, less energy consumption, b) easy replacement of parts, strong modular structure, service time longer, shock resistant, c) reliable and stable performance, optimized moving jaw assembly, machining based on elemental analysis, d) drive motor integrated to the main frame, smaller and more flexible engine size, e) destroying uniform aggregates, ratios large crushing, f) track-mounted, self-propelled, fast mobilization, intelligent wireless controller, g) Cummins diesel engine, well-known main device, and so on.

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