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Axa Health Insurance

Good future planning, guaranteed and can protect the family by joining a financial management service program in the form of an insurance program. There are various kinds of insurance offered, but in choosing an insurance company not to be wrong and even cause losses, we must be careful in determining the insurance company, including by understanding how the insurance system of a company, adjust insurance according to needs, and also pay attention to the cost of premiums in accordance with our economy/income.

One of the most trusted insurance companies today is AXA, offering personal, business and general insurance. Personal insurance consists of health insurance, protection, and Architas Asset Management, as well as business insurance. While general insurance consists of travel insurance, car, home, personal accident, and health. Based on the three types of insurance we can see that health insurance is in every type of insurance, it indicates that AXA insurance has advantages and focus on health insurance.

Health insurance is the right solution in responding to the outbreak of covid-19. Even though now it has entered the new normal era, we must remain vigilant and make the situation as learning because we will not know when illness will strike our family, the type of deadly disease / not, and whether in the future there will be a worldwide epidemic such as covid These 19? Therefore, we need to prevent, protect the family, and try to be in a healthy condition wherever and whenever. So one solution is to follow the health insurance program at the AXA insurance company.

The benefits of health insurance at AXA are being able to access all AXA partner hospitals, comprehensive and maximum protection for families and employees in a company, premiums that are adjusted based on age and package, outpatient and inpatient protection, cancer protection and treatment, dental protection , and other guarantees. Then another advantage of AXA health insurance is the imposition of a limit for each treatment carried out with a maximum payment of 80 million a year, as well as an inpatient fee of Rp750,000 with a maximum of 60 days a year.

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