Liebherr R9800 Excavator

Liebherr R9800 Is the biggest excavator made by humans today. Produced by the German company Liebherr Group, besides providing various types of heavy equipment, the company also manufactures aircraft parts and other mining equipment. Liebherr Group has a workforce of 35,333 from 130 companies in various countries. Liebherr excavators have fast loading cycles and exceptional digging power. Each machine part is built with a variety of strong and quality materials, by combining flexibility and productivity to get the best work performance. Customers are given the choice to choose the Cummins or MTU engine that is available, then there is also an electric drive.

Liebherr R9800 performance will be more efficient when combined with mining trucks T264 or T284 because both vehicles have giant sizes. Thus, providing productive and cost-effective mining solutions for large-scale mining exploitation. This excavator weighs 800 tons, with a weight of that excavator can move more loads. In terms of engine, this excavator is powered by two large 16-cylinder V engines that can produce power of 4,000 hp. One of the advantages of the Liebherr R9800 is that it requires little and economical fuel consumption. In a day, the excavator only needs around 20,000 liters of fuel, 15% more than the other models.

In terms of safety, Liebherr is designed with a high level of security and comfort. Includes stairs for the upper structure, the number of service lights at each point, and the presence of high fences at each corner. Allows the safety of miners and operators to be guaranteed. Excavators also have a bucket capacity of 1.8 t / m³ 47.50 m³, shovel capacity of 1.8 t / m³ 42.00 m³, engine rating 1800 rpm 2,984 kW, and so on.

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