Bagger 288 Excavator

Bagger 288 is the largest excavator launched by the German Company Krupp in 1978 with a length of 721 feet, height of 315 feet, diameter of 22 meters, and drive as high as 8 floors. In addition, this mining vehicle is also the heaviest vehicle in the world with a weight of 13,500 tons which has replaced the previous largest vehicle, Big Muskie. This dredging machine in one day is able to move 8.5 million cubic meters of land. This excavator has the biggest bucket wheel in the world and has an economical and very efficient engine.

With a heavy vehicle weight, the removal of Bagger 288 must be done by the workers with extreme care so that the road is not destroyed by covering the road using thick sand. Despite its heavy weight, this vehicle does not require many workers to operate it but only consists of  3-4 people. Also note that the surface area consists of 12 crawlers with 8 on the front and 4 on the back, so as not to leave too deep traces when passing through gravel, soil and even grass.

In 2001 the excavator was used at the Garzweiler open lignite mine, which had previously operated at the Hambach mine to excavate coal. The excellence of this excavator is proven when moving the mining vehicle from Hambach to Garzweiler for a 14-mile trip and spent about 3 weeks with a max speed of 10m / min and a min radius of 100m. During the transfer process, a crew of 70 was needed and cost around $ 10 million.

This excavator is driven by an 840 kW four-wheel motor with an aggregate drive power of 3,360 kW or equivalent to > 30 compact cars. When designing and constructing this mining vehicle concept, a significant amount of time is needed, which is 5 years, plus 5 more years to assemble it, which costs $ 100 million. In addition, this largest land vehicle has a thick cable capable of producing 30,000 volts of power with a cable > 120 km.

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