Komatsu D575A Crawler Tractor

Komatsu D575A is a dozer made in Japan precisely by a company called "Komatsu". Komatsu D575A is famous for having a very large size, powered by a 12-cylinder SA12V170 engine which produces 485,000 lb. of performance. In terms of size, this dozer is 11.71m long, 7.39m wide, and 4.88m high, with a vehicle weight of 131,350 kilograms. To support work durability, this dozer is also equipped with a turbo drawer engine cooler, to optimize performance in the field. With the power generated by the SA12V170 engine, the dozer is even able to pull 720 loads of cart loads to move.

Komatsu D575A is designed to be able to work in mining areas. Functioning to move the mined land using a blade. The dozer blade can tear and dredge the ground one meter wide. With a power of 485,000 lb. Komatsu D575A will be able to move the soil load easily. To support durability during work, this dozer is also equipped with a large enough fuel tank, which is 1800 r.p.m. At present, the Komatsu D575A is one of the best and biggest dozers. Previously there was another dozer that resembled the Komatsu D575A, but the company from the dozer stopped production. One of the advantages of the Komatsu D575A is easy and affordable engine maintenance, the company also provides machine and service warranties for a certain period.

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