Caterpillar 797f Truck

Caterpillar 797f is a giant mining truck that was launched by the Caterpillar Inc. company in the United States in 1998. Usually these trucks are used to transport gold, copper, iron ore, coal, or earth. The engine used by the Caterpillar 797f is a C175-20 diesel engine that meets US EPA emission standard requirements with a 4 stroke turbo compressor with hydraulic transmission capability reaching 68 km / hour. In addition to being classified as a giant, the 797f has a high level of driving comfort and long-lasting work durability. The combination of the MSD II body with the specific design of the Caterpillar mine is able to maintain optimal load and durability balance.

Optimal productivity is designed in such a way that every part of it results in long-term operational savings. The truck frame extension aims to minimize vibration and noise. In addition, this mining truck offers a 3G VIMSTM monitoring system that functions to control the performance of the 797f so that it can work optimally. Usually these trucks have a load carrying capacity of up to 4,000 tons and an operating weight of 687.5 tons with a gross power of 2983 kW. Also note that the torque converter is activated at about 8 km / h (5 mph), so that it can produce a lot of power on the wheels.

This mining truck has a length of 14.5 meters, 9.7 meters wide and 6.5 meters high, with a wheel height of 4 meters and a weight that exceeds 15,000kg. As for the engine itself, it has a 175mm hole size with 220mm steps. When the truck is tested with certain conditions based on predetermined standards, the applicable power is 1750 rpm. Caterpillar 797f also has a ROPS standard with ISO 3471: 2008 criteria and FOPS standard with II level criteria ISO 3449: 2005. When the truck is in a continuous condition of life the truck is able to spend as much as 250 liters / hour. This truck is very famous in the mining world with an estimated price of around US $ 5 million.

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