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Allianz Health Insurance

One important family financial management to consider is insurance. Insurance is a financial service that aims to protect you and your family when you experience an accident / illness or protect your assets one day. Especially when the outbreak of the corona virus pandemic currently, of course health insurance becomes very important and becomes mandatory protection for you and your family. In this world, there are many companies that offer insurance products to consumers, and if you are interested you should be able to choose insurance products that are clearly of quality and quality and in accordance with needs.
One of the best insurance companies today is PT. Allianz Insurance, headquartered in Germany and has been in insurance services since 1890. Some of the main figures who were instrumental in the founding of the company were Maximilian Zimmerer, Helmut Perlet, and Oliver Bate. At present, Allianz has spread and been successful in 70 countries in the world with revenues of more than € 95.76 billion and assets of € 848.9 billion. PT. Allianz Insurance provides a variety of insurance products which consist of health insurance, asset insurance, travel insurance, and even Muslim-specific Sharia insurance. Allianz offers insurance products for both individuals and companies. One of the superior products from Allianz is its health insurance. Within a year, the total health insurance premium for Allianz is Rp. 11,250,000 for 180 days for hospitalization.
One of Allianz's advantages compared to other companies is that there is a Sharia insurance product called AlliSya Care. This product uses the Sharia system and is targeted at Muslim customers. The Sharia system enables participants to help one another by paying insurance premiums. Health insurance offered by Allianz a lot, includes inpatient care, outpatient care, childbirth, dental care, to daily compensation. In addition, Allianz partner hospitals can make payments in cash if you use an Allianz card. So that it can simplify and speed up the administration process.

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