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Mathematics and Work Prospects

  Mathematics is an exact science and must be applied every day. But many people do not like mathematics, even though mathematics is very important in life. The mathematics known for its calculations is also a complicated formula. Eittss do not get me wrong, but there are still a handful of people who buy other majors that he is interested in for mathematics. As an illustration, mathematics study program learns about algebra, geometry, mathematical analysis, and so on, not only is the matter of calculation discussed but also discusses theorems. Now in this department you also can study statistics, operations research, computing, and actuarial. In addition, you need to know about the prospects of a very broad mathematical work, as expected below.
1. Statistics
Statistics in mathematics specialization integrates the basics of mathematics and performs data processing and analysis. The key to becoming a statistician is to have a good mathematical basis. This statistic involves a good analytical power, precise accuracy and accuracy and accuracy in thinking. A statistician can work in Government Agencies such as the Central Statistics Agency, Ministry of Finance, and so on.

2. Analysis
This analysis can produce a new mathematical formula that results from the previous formula. This employment prospect is more often found in the marketing field. Analysis of a company can decide the production capacity of a realistic sales target, so that the benefits will be maximized, and can determine whether a new product can be accepted or not.

3. Mathematical Modeling
The applications of mathematical modeling are so broad that they penetrate various types of industries. One industry that uses mathematical modeling is in the field of oil and gas. The existence of mathematical modeling shows that not only petroleum engineering, chemical engineering, and other engineering majors can work in the oil and gas fields. But the mathematics department is also able to work in that field.

4. Programming
Maybe many people think that if you want to become a programmer, you must choose a major in Information Engineering. Though not like that, mathematics department can also be a programmer. Nanun was divided on the difference between programmers from information engineering and mathematics majors. The difference is that if informatics techniques focus more on computer development. While computational mathematics is used to find the optimization solution of a problem by making a modeling of the problem then simulated with the help of a computer.

5. Mathematicians
Mathematicians are people whose analysis power is strong and masters the foundation or foundation of mathematics. So that mathematicians can work as lecturers, scientists both at home and abroad, and expert consultants in various fields.

6. Actuaries
Actuaries are people who work with insurance. Actuaries must master statistical analysis well and understand issues related to insurance. The obstacle is that they must be fluent in English, mastering mathematical, statistical, and financial matters that are strong and can explain with certainty from the results of the analysis.

7. Actuarial
Insurance uses actuarial to calculate the feasibility of a prospective customer to make an insurance policy so that the industry does not bear too much risk. In addition, actuarial also works in banking and finance.

8. Business and Management
The mathematics department is certainly very necessary because doing business will require continuous calculations. So, we need someone who has the accuracy, accuracy, accuracy, and speed.

9. Government
Mathematics graduates can work in various central and regional government institutions, and usually work in BPS (Central Statistics Agency), Ministry of Finance, Department of Education, and so on. One of his jobs is determining the country's strategic policy (analyzing graph data).

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