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D-Shap 3D Printing

     D-shape DS I12x12x10 is a 3D printer that is usually used in building / home construction. D-shape 3D printers can bind sand, and magnesium with other materials so that they can form strong and easily shaped structures. This printer works through 4 stages as follows:
1. Apply the aggregate layer
2. Move vertically the printing device according to the pitch
3. Store the binder selectively according to the bitmap
4. Repeat operation steps 1 to 3 for all layers that are 3d objects that have been partitioned in the bottom-up process.

      This printer can print 3-dimensional objects with high flexibility and is selective in all areas of the object. What distinguishes D-shape 3D printers from other printers lies in its operating system, where this printer works using a binder binding process that can store liquid binder to blend with other powder material particles. Unlike the other types of printers that work on extrusion. So that it can provide a wider variety of geometric variations.

     This tool is also equipped with a set of software that can be used to create 3d object designs before printing. After the object is printed, it takes about 24 hours for the mold to be made hard. The printout from this printer has better results than concrete. Concrete has a low resistance to stress, so it requires an iron frame. Unlike the D-Shape structure which has a relatively high-tension resistance, consequently it does not require an iron frame. Of course, this can reduce production costs.

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