JCB 150X Excavator

JCB 150X Excavator

  - Overview
       A dredging heavy machine that has been developed for 4 years for electronic, hydraulic and electrical improvements. It has been tested for thousands of hours of testing, so strength and durability are the hallmarks of this machine. Then able to work in various weather (hot / cold). More than 30,000 tests of door operation tests have been carried out.

  - The Design
        JCB Excavator 150 has been ergonomically designed using quality materials, low noise levels, so that it can provide comfort for the driver. The combination of components used to be as precise as possible gives the best balance of control capability and efficiency. This series is equipped with a JCB EcoMAX Tier 4 Final / Stage IV engine.

  - Advantages
      Some of the advantages of this engine compared to other engines are the proportional controls that can be adjusted to make the driver can adjust the control and speed preferences, there is a power boost button that can add pressure by 9% to 9 seconds to provide extra dredging in extreme conditions, then the use of pipes and hoses greater hydraulics, and the engine's auto-stop and auto-idle features can provide fuel efficiency of up to 5%.

  - Price
       Currently JCB Excavator 150X is priced at £ 92,669.89
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