JCB VMT 430-130/140 Road Roller

JCB VMT 430-130/140 Road Roller
  - Overview
       JCB VMT 430-130/140 is a road roll machine that functions to level and trim roads, soil or asphalt manufacturing. The machine weighs 4200-4,300 kg and is equipped with a 33.6 kW four cylinder engine, then has a width of 1300 - 1400 mm and can produce 59-63 kN centrifugal force. The engine is designed to improve efficiency in fuel use, but can optimize power while working. Making an ideal static load, centrifugal force, and amplitude make this machine can work well in various fields.

  - Advantages
     The road roller machine has several advantages compared to other roller machines, such as amplitude 0.44 mm for maximum compaction depth, replaceable static drum, one-piece circular eccentric shaft, low vibration level, and low noise level. In addition, it is equipped with a high-pressure water spray system, a larger fuel tank, automatic vibration control, a one-part exciter system, and fast rolling frequency. Low vibration level can provide comfort for the driver. Maintenance of JCB VMT 430-130 / 140 is very easy to do and requires a low cost.

  - Price
        Currently JCB VMT 430-130 / 140 is priced at £ 28,274.40.
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