JCB Fastrac 4160

JCB Fastrac 4160 
 - Overview
      JCB Fastrac 4160 is an agricultural tractor that can be used in a variety of jobs on agricultural land, as well as pasture. Starting from the transportation of fertilizers, crops, livestock products, and transportation of other tools can use the tractor. Fastrac 4160 has advantages over other tractors namely; faster speeds, faster cape turns, faster transfer speeds, and greater carrying capacity. This has the potential to make production costs more efficient. In addition, a rear deck with a capacity of 4 tons can increase the distribution of goods more.

       The interior of the tractor is made as comfortable as possible for the driver. The presence of a full-size instruction seat and supporting suspension seat makes the driving position more comfortable. Then the wider and lower windshield can make the driver enjoy wider forward visibility, so that it can work faster, more comfortably, and more safely. The steering column can rotate 50 ° to the right and 20 ° to the left. Additionally, it is equipped with optional MP3 player compatibility and Bluetooth hands-free communication.

 - Feature
      JCB Fastrac 4160 is equipped with climate control that makes the driver comfortable in all weather conditions, then can clean the condensation window faster. In addition, the rear quarter window can be opened so that it can provide natural ventilation. The instrument panel is made as lean as possible so that it does not obstruct visibility when working. We can also easily program the Headland Turn Assist (HTA) feature, set and save sequence controls for five different implementations, each up to 15 steps for a simpler headland turn.

       In the engine section, the Fastrac 4160 is equipped with a Tier 6 Final Sis6 6.6-liter Sisu engine which makes fuel efficiency but optimizes power while working. The engine has a maximum power of 175hp (130kW) and 750Nm of torque. CVT transmission makes optimal power and torque.

  - Price
          Currently JCB Fastrac 4160 is priced at $ 142,500

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