JCB 130 Tracked Excavator and JCB 3CX

JCB 130 Tracked Excavator
  - Overview
       JCB 130 Excavators are earth digging machines that are designed reliably in all conditions while working. The machine is equipped with features such as, special filtration systems, easy hoods, reinforced arms, reinforced boom, ergonomic controls, waterproof electrical connectors, telematics technology and air pre-purifier filter assembly. One of the interesting features of this excavator version is the JCB hydraulic system which allows stronger tear forces with more efficient cycle times on certain jobs. Maintenance of JCB 130 excavators is easy and requires low maintenance costs.

     From the use of the engine, the JCB 130 is equipped with a JCB ecoMAX engine which can provide high fuel efficiency while optimizing performance in the field. The complete JCB 130 Excavator is wrapped with the following operating systems: operating weight = 12800 kg, maximum engine power = 80 HP, maximum bucket capacity = 0.5-0.65 cum, brand = JCB, model name / number: JCB 130, working area = rock type.

 - Price 
        The JCB 130 Tracked Excavator is currently priced at USD $ 44,063.

  - Overview
        JCB 3CX is a heavy equipment that can help you do certain jobs quickly and efficiently. Among them are transporting goods, moving goods, digging soil, making holes in the ground, and others. The machine is designed with a machine to work hard in the field. Made using the best materials and processes, which are tested, tried, and proven superior. To support operator comfort, the JCB 3CX is designed ergonomically and intuitively.

  - Price
        Currently JCB 3CX is priced at £ 68,004.20.

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