Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Sinounique: Ore Processing Equipment Part III

LS Series Shaking Table
It is one of the ore processing tools that serves in sorting material materials in the form of mineral sludge (gold, bismuth, lead, iron, titanium, chromium, manganese, niobium, and tantalum), ore sand, coal, and other mixing materials that correspond to the available feed size. This tool has a material feed size of 2 ~0.5 mm, and a feed capacity of 20~35. LS Series Shaking Table is a material sorting machine made by Sinounique company. Composed of structures consisting of motors, beds, rifle bars, water tanks, lubrication systems, bunkers, tune slope units, motors, and engine heads.

The way the tool works uses the principle of mineral gravity differences, oblique flow, bed bar shape, and differential movement of the machine head. This tool will selectively sort the material and remove it through the mouth of the disposal. The material that comes out will have the size as desired.

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