Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Sinounique: Ore Processing Equipment Part II

Rod Mill
It is one of the ore processing tools that serves in grinding and destroying material material into powder. The milling process can be done by dry milling or wet milling. The company's engineers make grinding machines with uniform material output and high working capacity. Sinounique's Rod Mill has a rotary speed of up to 36-38 r/min, allowing it to do the job quickly and effectively. This tool is widely used in metallurgical, chemical, and other relevant industries. Rod Mill has the ability to produce fire retardant materials, even capable of making glass with high quality and uniform.

The working principle of Rod Mill is to drive the cylinder by motor through the reduction gears. Then the material will go into the ball mill by centrifugal force and friction style. The material will be milled and crushed on the ball mill, then the already smooth material will come out through the mouth of the disposal. While the material that has not been smooth will be milled back on the ball mill until it gets the desired level of smoothness. The simple and simple design of the machine also makes the operation process and maintenance of the machine easy and cheap.

Magnetic Separator
It is a tool that serves in separating raw minerals in various magnetic minerals such as limonit, hematite, tantalum-niobium, and wolfram. It is capable of processing weak magnetic minerals even finer. In addition to mineral separators, Magnetic Separators are also widely used to purify nepheline, feldspar, and quartz. This machine is made in order to recover feromagnetic materials with high working efficiency. Sinounique's Magnetic Separator is cyclically designed with process vessels (220~3050 mm). Some of the advantages of the machine are in its high magnetic intensity but with low fuel consumption, low magnetic flux leakage rate, the arrival of a pipe plate made of stainless steel, and an easy maintenance process.

Magnetic Separator has a shell length of 1200 mm, case diameter of 600 mm, feeding size of 2-0 mm, shell rotation speed of <35 r/min, electric power of 1.5 kw, and working capacity of 10-20 t/h. The operation of the machine uses a ring-shaped closed magnetic system, while the energy coil comes from a copper tube cooled by water.

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