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Powder Grinding Equipment Part II

Raymond Mill
This Raymond Mill type grinding machine is highly recommended for use on various types of non-flammable and non-explosive mineral materials which are supported by their high level of reliability. The other names for raymond mill are raymond grinder, raymond grinding mill, and raymond roller mill. In terms of its performance, this tool is able to grind mineral materials that are at humidity conditions <6%. This sophisticated technology tool has a capacity of 0.5-60 t / h designed with an electrical system that adopts centralized control so that the screening filter rate reaches 99%, and of course it is different from other grinding machines. In addition, adjustments can be made to the finish in the 0.613mm-0.044mm range.

The working principle of this tool can be adjusted to the needs of its users starting from the most important machine structure which consists of an analysis machine, a blower, a host, and plumbing fixtures. Then, the material is crushed with the size adjusted to the user's wishes until it enters the grinding room. After that, the analysis machine will sort the resulting blower based on the powder and air circulation. Furthermore, two results will be obtained between a quality powder and a material that is still coarse. As usual, a quality milled powder is called a finished product, while the material that is still coarse will be milled again.  

HGM Micro-Powder Grinding Mill
A grinding machine that has been done a lot of research certainly makes this machine more guaranteed in quality and quantity, especially for machines that have made improvements for the umpteenth time so as to create optimal performance. One such grinding machine is the HGM Micro-Powder Grinding Mill which is capable of producing very fine powders, even producing the smallest powder size of 2500 mesh. Even though it has a relatively moderate speed but its ability is extraordinary when compared to other machines. This three-ring micro powder machine with a capacity of 0.2-10 t / h has been researched and improved by 20 times, so there is nothing to worry about from this machine.

Safety and reliability are important points in all types of grinding machines, as this type of grinding machine is able to operate safely and has reliable grinding wheels, even the surrounding environment is protected with less pollution. The working principle requires a hummer crusher to convert the material into small particles until finally there is separation of the resulting powders. In addition, there is a purification process with the final result in the form of expelling air flow and fine powder through the fan and exhaust which is based on a pulse dust collector as the process. It should also be noted that the maker of this tool is Sweden which has also joined the excavation industry, even the country that is the leader of the milling industry today is the country itself.

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