Mobile Crusher Plant Part I

Mobile Crush and Screen Plant
Mobile Crush and Screen Plant is a mobile crushing and sceerning material that is very suitable for use in areas with a small scope and in accordance with work that moves in certain fields. This tool is able to work in the fields of mining, road and building construction, batching plants, trains, excavations, highways, and others. In addition, this type of mobile crusher plant is an amalgamation of primary crusher, secondary crusher, feeder and vibrating screen. This combination is one of the reasons behind the many applications of this tool, so that two models were made with the first model MF1010E46 measuring 14700x2400x4150 (mm) and the second model MB900E57 measuring 17000x2500x4300 (mm).

The working system used by this tool is circulation crushing-screening-crushing. The working principle is starting from the jaw crusher which acts as a primary destroyer of the material to be processed, then the material is moved to the vibrating screen for screening. Then enter the breaking stage to produce finished materials with output to the main conveyor belt for continued filtering. The attraction of this mobile crush and screen plant is the cost of transportation of raw materials that are economical, fast installation, and flexible configuration. In addition, the combination of primary and secondary shredder and filtering machines becomes a selling point with its own appeal.

Mobile Cone Crusher Plant
The Mobile Cone Crushing Plant is one of the most powerful crushing machines with an efficient and environmentally unlimited project planning offering, so of course this tool requires a relatively high cost to run in accordance with its objectives. This tool is able to drive to surface locations that are difficult to access because these tools are assembled for road transportation. In addition, this tool is also capable of producing cement and aggregates. Not only producing, but this tool is also not inferior to other crushing machines because it is capable of destroying hard rock, mining, tunnels, and recycling construction waste.

This crusher turned out to involve excavators in principle working to put raw materials into the feeder. Then the primary destruction of the material has been sent to jaw stone crushing. After the stone material is crushed, it enters the secondary crusher stage so that it can be sent to the vibrating screen for separation based on qualifications to obtain quality and non-quality materials. The final product is derived from quality materials, while recrusing on stone crushing comes from non-quality products. As for some of the advantages of this tool that is capable of destroying the hardest stones 400Mpa due to its high strength and high standard steel structure, adaptability, flexible configuration, and automatic lubrication system. If the project is planned to move to destroy different objects, then this tool is the solution.
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