Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Marion 6360 Excavator

Marion 6360 is the largest mobile ground machine in the 1900s. This excavator was made by the British company Marion Power Shovel in 1965. It took up to 18 months to build this excavator. So large, this excavator has a total weight of up to 12,700 tons, with a total height of 64m, a crawler unit length of 14m, an individual crawler width of 3m, a crawler height of 4.9m, a boom length of 66m, and a bucket capacity of 180 cubic meters. In his time, Marion 6360 is also touted as a Captain because it has a jumbo size. This machine is devoted to working in the mining area optimally, so that it is designed in such a way as to be strong and reliable against various impact conflicts. In terms of safety, this heavy vehicle is also equipped with nine telephone stations at each point, then there is a radio communication channel in the mine area. So that it can facilitate the control and reporting if something happens.

Within a day, Marion 6360 can provide 150 coal train loads, because it does have a super large shovel. In addition, the vehicle is also able to move 270 tons of overburden on a road. To support this work, the engine is powered by eight 1,000 hp electric motors. Then there are four sets of generators that can produce AC power of 14,000 volts. However, unfortunately in 1991 this heavy vehicle had an accident which caused the lower engine to catch fire. The fire was allegedly due to a burst hydraulic channel which caused the electric panel to catch fire.  

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