Wednesday, July 1, 2020

BigRep ONE 3D Printer

BigRep ONE 3D is an FFF printer that can be used to create print objects on a large scale. There are 3 choices of nozzles that can be used, namely 1 mm, 2 mm, and 0.6 mm. Each nozzle has different functions and resolutions as needed. Many automotive, entertainment, design and aviation products are printed using BigRep printers. This printer has been developed by German company experts and has received various awards for the performance produced by the printer. The team of experts continues to strive to design and produce machines that can print objects quickly and accurately.

BigRep ONE has several advantages compared to other similar printers, namely 1) safe and open frame construction, 2) large print size, 3) modular & independent print heads, 4) spacious and flexible spools, 5) easy and intuitive, 6) semi-automatic print beds. BigRep ONE has an open frame construction, so the printing process can be monitored which allows the best print quality. While all moving parts have been closed to ensure the safety of workers. In terms of print volume, BigRep ONE has a build volume of X 1005 mm x Y 1005 mm x Z 1005 mm with a capacity of more than 1 cubic meter. Allows small and large objects to be printed. In addition, BigRep ONE has a touch panel interface in which there are many new supporting features.

In general, BigRep ONE has the following specifications: power (208 V - 240 V, 16 A, 50/60 Hz), printer weight (460 kg), acceleration (400 mm / s²), printing technology (FFF - Fused-Filament) - Fabrication), print temperature (maximum 80 ° C), print resolution (0.1 mm - 1.4 mm), extruder (two modular extrusion heads), printing material (Pro HT, PETG, PLA, FLEX, Pro HS, and other filaments). Currently, BigRep ONE is priced starting at $ 39,000.

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