Sunday, June 28, 2020

Tractus3D T1250 Printer

3-dimensional printer is a printer that converts digital models into three-dimensional objects using certain materials to form physical print objects. This printer utilizes the repetition process of printing layers by melting material at a certain temperature. Generally, 3-dimensional printers utilize Fused Deposition Modeling technology that works using metal wire / plastic filaments by supplying material to the extrusion nozzle. The material is melted with a hot nozzle which is controlled directly by the company's software with the help of a computer. The object is formed by printing the melted material into layers that will harden.

One of the 3-dimensional printers that can be used to print small or large objects is the Tractus3D T1250. This printer has a height reaching 154 cm, can print objects as high as 600 mm with a diameter of 350 mm. You can shape print objects as creatively as possible automatically because the printer is equipped with software that can-do 3D modeling of objects before printing. In addition, the Tractus3D T1250 can print objects quickly with high accuracy. Print speeds reach 300 mm / s with a resolution of 10 microns.

The Tractus3D T1250 can heat materials up to temperatures of 300 ° C, allowing the printer to print more than 1 type of material. In general, this printer has the following specifications: build height (600 mm), wake width (350 mm), print resolution (10 microns), physical dimensions (640 mm x 555 mm x 1540 mm), heating time (4 minutes), net weight (30 kg), and nozzle heating time (90 seconds). Currently, the Tractus T1250 3d printer is priced at $ 4,800.

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