Construction 3D Printing

3D Construction Maxi Printing is a three-dimensional printing machine that can be used in building construction projects. This machine is designed with high quality durability, ease of use and pragmatism. This tool can save construction costs and time because it has a sophisticated and automatic system.

The Maxi printer package offered includes a concrete 3D printer, a pump system, a control system, and a 1x20 foot container which is adapted for transportation. This machine can be managed easily, as well as in maintenance. The company also provides a training system that can facilitate operators in their operations.

Some of the advantages gained from Maxi 3D Printing are variations in various sizes of nozzles according to function, then designed with a hydraulic lifting series model that can be easily folded in the process of transportation. In addition, it is supported by software that is independently developed by the company. Currently 3D Maxi Printing Construction is priced at € 495,000.

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