Mlab R and Mlab 200R 3D Metal Printing

Mlab R
            Mlab R is a 3D printing machine that is suitable for manufacturing various components / tools with fine structure and high quality. With 100 watts of laser technology this machine can make various metal components such as stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, bronze, and remanium. One interesting feature of this tool is the friendly pull-out drawer system so that it can provide additional security for the user.

            Mlab R has a smaller build volume that is ideally suited for manufacturing high-value materials, thus allowing users to work with smaller batches of powder. The engine build volume is 50 x 50 x 80 mm, 70 x 70 x 80 mm, and 90 x 90 x 80 mm.

Mlab 200 R

            Mlab 200 R is a 3D laser printing machine with laser technology, using a 200-watt fiber laser capable of printing metal into various large components even with high quality and smooth surface. This machine is suitable for large-scale production because it can print metal quickly with high precision. This series has a 54% greater build volume than before, namely 50 x 50 x 80 mm, 70 x 70 x 80 mm, 90 x 90 x 80 mm, and 100 x 100 x 100 mm.

            One of the advantages of the Mlab 200 R is having a larger filter and clamping system. So that it can produce a component / tools with accurate precision. In addition, the filter used is waterproof with a modular machine structure. Then there is the separation of the process room from the control station to enable guaranteed work security. This machine can form several metals such as stainless steel, maraging steel, aluminum, nickel and titanium.

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