Machine Crusher

Jaw Crusher
Jaw crusher is one of the multifunctional stone crushing machines, namely primary or secondary crusher. The company produces coarse jaw crushers and fine jaw crushers in stationary type.

The working principle of this machine is to move back and forth, up and down the belt and is controlled by an electric motor. Material will be destroyed when the moving plate moves along with the moving motion. The electric motor will continue to spin and move jaw move and release material regularly.

Application of the use of machinery is usually used in building construction, road construction, fire mining, chemical, air transportation and others. Jaw crusher can rotate material with compression strength of less than 320MPa, such as gold, copper, iron, sandstone, limestone, river stone, quartzite, basalt granite, and others.
Some of the benefits of using this machine are:
- Simple structure and low operating costs.
- Great power destroyed
- Easy to replace parts and easy maintenance.
- Safe lubrication system
- A variety of reliable outlets, can meet various customer needs

Some Jaw Crusher model specifications :

Impact Crusher
Impact crusher is one of the intermediate crushing machines such as granite, barite, gypsum, concrete, soft stone, minerals, calcite, and limestone. So this machine functions as a secondary shredder. Therefore it is necessary to first destroy the primary material, for example by Jaw Crusher.

The working principle of this machine is to move the high-speed rotor, then when the material is put into the machine will be crushed into smaller particles as needed. This shredder is very suitable for use in highway, railroad and mining construction.

Some of the benefits of using this machine are:
- Adjustment between the learance between the impact plante and blowing bar is easily adjusted, in cubic shape.
- Has high efficiency in hard rocking
- Has a unique structure and keyless connection
- Having two cavities and three cavities with different functions
- Has high chrome hammer and special impact vessel plates

Some model specifications of Impact Crusher:

DG Cone Crusher
DG Cone Crusher is a medium and fine sized stone and mineral shredder and is a type of one-cylinder hydraulic crusher. The working principle of this machine is to drive the eccentric sleeve with the v-belt, transmission shaft and transmission gear by the motor when the one-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher works.

Applications for use of these machines are widely used in the chemical, metallurgical, mining, road, building, water conservancy and railroad industries. Which can destroy various materials such as coal, limestone, basalt, manganese ore, rivertone, quartz, diabase, iron ore, granite, copper ore, zinc ore, and others.

Some of the benefits of using this machine are:
- Simple structure
- Wear parts can be changed or repaired easily
- Made of high quality steel and safer operation.
- High efficient rotation speed of hooper feed makes the liner plate wear more even and uniform
- Automatic overload protection so as to avoid the blockage of iron locks

Some specifications of the DG cone crusher model :

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