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Mechanical Project Engineer Job Vacancy in Michaud, Cooley, Erickson & Associates

Job Information

Company: Michaud, Cooley, Erickson & Associates

Location: Minneapolis, MN, USA

Job Type: Full time (Remote)


• Have a Bachelor's Degree in mechanical engineering or a related field from an accredited university or college

• Preferably Licensed Professional Engineer (PE)

• Have at least 4 years of related building system design experience

• Can apply knowledge gained through experience to new and new designs

• High ethical standards and self-motivated to achieve results

• Be honest, integrity and always positive

• Have knowledge of Software

• Have a positive working relationship both internally and externally

• Have strong verbal, written and organizational communication skills

• Interact professionally with contractors and design professionals

• Have problem solving and analytical skills and have a strong technical background

• Proficient in design software

• Proficient in Revit and/or AutoCAD

• Skilled in using Microsoft Office Suite Products

• Able to sit for long periods of time at a desk and work at a computer.

• The ability to climb stairs at the job site

Job Description (Technical Design, Training, Budget, Project Documentation)

• Follow and implement design standards set by the Lead Engineer, Project Manager, and Engineer of Record and Follow the parent company design standards.

• Develop knowledge of current design trends and best practices.

• Ensure that the QA/QC process is followed and properly documented

• Perform routine design calculations and standard equipment sizes and perform routine code reviews and analysis.

• Work independently to take part of the project from start to finish under direction from the Records Engineer, Project Manager and Principal Engineer

• Research and present equipment and design options to Managers

• Project, Principal Engineer and Records Engineer.

• Develop working knowledge of all types of systems in their discipline.

• Train less experienced staff how to use key design tools and standards.

• Instruct less experienced technical staff on how to perform routine design tasks and routine calculations.

• Train designers and EITs on how to perform routine calculations and system layout.

• Obtain approval from the project manager before spending more hours than budgeted on a project.

• Work within the hours budgeted by the project manager

• Create project-specific schematics, details and sketches.

• Assemble specifications, including project-specific information.

• Maintain a well-organized workspace and electronic filing process.

• Work independently to produce all phases of project documentation, including schematic design level documents, under direction from the Project Manager, Principal Engineer and Records Engineer.


• Great co-workers and medical benefits

• Dental & Vision Benefits

• Employer pays life insurance

• 401(k) with generous employer match


• On-site amenities that make working at MCE fun and rewarding

• Employers pay short-term and long-term disability

• Flexible work options

How to Work

Apply Online

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