Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Forest Machines 558

        Forest Machines launched by the well-known company Caterpillar consist of various types with their respective advantages, and what will be discussed this time is the 558 type. The engine model used by this type is the same as the 548 type, namely Cat C7.1 with the same hydraulic technology. the same horse power which is increased so that performance under load can remain maximum so that productivity is higher than before and the work process can take place more efficiently. In producing this efficient performance it is also supported by the application of the General Forestry model so that the swing torque can be increased by up to 35% so as to produce additional power to run wood shoveling with a more efficient log shoveling. The positive impact of the increase in swing torque is to make fuel consumption more efficient, reaching 12%. In addition, the existence of various logging applications that are adjusted to the width and length of the track can provide stability in performance over a longer period of time

        Not only hydraulic technology but also the 558 offers other superior technologies for greater efficiency, namely U.S. technology. EPA Tier 4 with high idle speed without wasting fuel. With this technology there is also a configuration for the location of the components with the main hydraulic control valves so that they are back to back so that the oil flow restriction is reduced and can help save fuel as well. In addition, there are also efforts to make components last longer, namely by providing ease of service through a cooling package with a capacity of 12% more. The ease of service actually supports the reliability of the 558, especially when it is equipped with other proven technology, namely excavator technology to ensure that the machine runs smoothly. Unmatched reliability is also impacted by the large 8.5 in pitch of the 349 HEX along with lubricated tracks so that the 558 can withstand a wide range of conditions and over a longer lifetime.

        The special design on the type 558 is not only given to the machine structure but also for the operator's comfort when operating it. Starting from the cab seat air can adjust heating and cooling to help reduce operator fatigue. Then there is the FOB key which is used to access the rear cabin safely, assisted by sufficient light so that it is not dark and provides easy access. There is also another easy access to the engine and hydraulic cooler especially when it comes to cleaning as the cooling fins are automatically reduced per inch to minimize clogging. In addition, there is also a storage area which is located below the ground level of 0.71 m3 in which there are various equipment needed by operators that are ready to use and can be accessed easily.

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