Hydraulic Mining Shovels 6050 FS

Hydraulic Shovels 6050 FS is a Hydraulic that can answer every challenge you face thanks to its reliability. Equipped with an engine output of 2520 HP and an operating weight of up to 591.9 tons making it very effective in various conditions in the field. To get maximum profit in every mining, every day is important and every load must be calculated in order to achieve maximum productivity with the lowest low input. To support this, we made 6050 FS Shovels for you. The 6050 FS shovels are the ultimate CAT support that is very reliable in mining.

The 6050 FS shovels offer a drive system that can be adjusted according to your comfort, there is an electric drive, as well as two diesel engines for better daily work. The electric drive maintains the required roughness and does not require refueling, what is more interesting is that it does not require as much service. To support longer daily productivity, this tool is equipped with a diesel engine that is reliable and durable, resulting in a longer production time as well. This means that you will get a bigger profit too. Engine emissions can also be adjusted based on the amount of fuel emissions you have, the engine that requires more emissions and fewer emissions.

        Shovels 6050 FS operation is designed to be easy, safe, fast. Therefore, it is equipped with the TriPower system, which is already evident from today's ordinary shovels. The system also allows the best possible mechanical control and leverage, and is then designed using a unique small diameter boom with a rotating triangular rocker. Thus, it supports faster cycles, creation of supporting boom momentum, effective lifting force, automatic bucket angle, and automatic roll-back limiter. The 6050 FS shovels are also supported with the best in practicality as they are supported by a retractable service station under the engine module that can be reached from ground level, allowing quick and easy refueling and fluid filling. 

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