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Treasure Hunter Part I



        Excalibur 2 is a detection tool used to retrieve various objects in rivers, seas or lakes. This tool cannot be used by just anyone, because of course there are many things that need attention, so that only those who are professionals are able to operate it very well. Even so, beginners can actually use this tool as long as there is a professional companion around them. One of its advantages is that it has the ability to detect 66 meters underwater to find metal objects. Not only that, but Excalibur 2 is also very suitable for searching for treasure, jewelery and other valuable objects. 

        This tool is designed with the MD detector Excalibur 2 which is able to strengthen its ability to detect objects. Moreover, it is equipped with a 10 ”round Double-D hardwired coil so that it can detect which ones are ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The battery used to support the performance of this tool is a NiMH 13V 1000 mAH battery pack, which can last 14-19 hours. In addition, this tool with a price of Rp. 32,800,000 has been equipped with a manual in two languages, namely Indonesian and English, and has a 1 year guarantee.



        Valuable goods detection tools have been widely produced and used both for the purposes of a project or just a hobby. One of the most powerful detectors is Gofind60 Minelab which is designed with gofind60 earplugs, trowels and MD detector. The detection is carried out against metal and not only works in river or coastal areas, but also in mountainous areas. Even in the rocky area around there are lots of various kinds of objects, this tool is still able to detect the metal around it.

        Gofind60 Minelab is able to detect various types of metals, not only for jewelery but also for artifacts and relics, to treasures. Finding these objects is not easy, especially treasures, but with this tool that has been designed as well as possible it will certainly be very helpful. You don't have to wait for professionals to use it, but even beginners are very suitable for use. Moreover, the gofind60 minelab is fully equipped with a control cellphone bag and a detection control app for cellphones, making it easier to detect. As for the price of this detection tool, which is IDR 10,122,000 and has been equipped with a 2-year warranty. In addition, one of the advantages of this tool lies in its ability to categorize the types of metal objects found.

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