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Concrete Machinery 2

 40/50 Series Trailer Pump

There are so many trailer pumps that are designed with sophisticated technology in today's era because this advanced technology is a development from previous technology, so it has its own advantages that can benefit its users. One type of trailer pump with advanced technology is the 40/50 series with 4 models consisting of HBT4008C-5I, HBT4010C-5I, HBT5008C-5S and HBT5010-5I. In addition, the 40/50 series trailer pump is designed with an advanced two-way hydraulic system which is equipped with a high efficiency valve system. Not only that, this 40/50 series pump trailer also has a structure consisting of a piston that can be pulled automatically so that it makes it easier for its users.

The intelligent control system is also part of the design of the 40/50 series trailer pump which has many advantages, some of which are fault diagnosis. This diagnosis can certainly make it easier for users to find out where the error is if something doesn't go according to plan. The other design part is in the form of a pumping system with a high level of efficiency and a high power mixing motor. Apart from that, the trailer pump for the 40/50 series uses wear-resistant technology so that it can improve performance and has an engine power from 49 kW to 73.6 kW.


60 Series Trailer Pump

Actually the 60 Series Trailer Pump has characteristics that are not much different from the 40/50 series trailer pump, because they both use advanced technology. The difference lies in the power of the engine where the 60 Series Trailer Pump has a higher engine power than the 40/50 series trailer pump. The engine power achieved is ranging from 75kW to 180kW. In its design, the 60 series trailer pump has differential pressure control that uses an advanced two-way hydraulic system so that it can simplify the performance process. The good effect of high flow on the use of sophisticated hydraulic systems is that it can make the valve system have high efficiency. In addition, the 60 series uses an intelligent control system that not only functions as a fault diagnosis but also as a special motion controller.

The new type of hopper is also a part of the design of this 60 series because it can support the efficient performance of the pumping system. Another technology used is the advanced energy-saving technology which is certainly expected by trailer pump users. The energy savings are automatically adjusted by adjusting the engine power released with the load so as to save fuel up to 25%. In addition, there is also wear-resistant technology using the G5 as a tool that can increase the adoption of Sino-German high technology levels.

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