Saturday, September 5, 2020

Cement Production Line Part III

Raw Material Ball Mill
It is one of the cement productions tools that serves in grinding material material after the process of destruction of the material. The company that produces Raw Material Ball Mill one of them is Sinounique, the engineers of the company managed to make a reliable and efficient cement grinding machine through a long development process. Raw Material Ball Mill is widely used in cement industry, glass ceramics, construction, and fire-retardant materials industry. This tool is also able to grind various minerals, making it suitable in the manufacture of glass ceramics. The company also provides different designs that can be customized to different types of materials and technical requirements as well, allowing it to reach broader work capabilities.

Sinounique's Raw Material Ball Mill has a production capacity of 4.5-6 (t/h), a full transmission type, and a motor power of 130 (kw). Full transmission features can be customized to different specifications. In terms of design, the structure is made a separate room which makes the lifting blade more flexible and there is a fixed lift bar. To improve the milling process, the engine cylinder uses a new type step layer. The working of this tool starts by inserting the material in the mouth of the machine, then the transmission device will rotate with a cylinder. The steel ball will rotate along with the cylinder, and when it reaches a certain height the ball will fall due to gravity. The material will be destroyed by steel balls through repetition up, down, and shifting steel balls. Thus, the crushed material will be removed by the machine of the desired size.  

Single Drum Cooling Machine
It is one of the cement productions tools that serves in cooling the clinker. It is capable of cooling clinkers that have temperatures of up to 1000-1300 °C. Clinker itself is a hydraulic material composed of calcium silicate and phase clinker. Clinker is widely used as a material to make cement. Sinounique's Single Drum Cooling Machine has a variety of interesting features that make this cooling machine efficient. Simple machine structure design facilitates machine maintenance and operation process. There are airways that can let outside air in and cool the material. The air circulation acts as a secondary coolant, so it does not require energy consumption.

The way this tool works is to insert the clinker through the feed device. The cooling machine will move around so that there will be a maximum heat exchange with the air. The material will then be rolled forward until it reaches the disposal end, to ensure that the material temperature can drop to below 200 °C. It is also supported with a working capacity of 2-3 t/h, 15 kw motor power, and uses the ZQ500 series main speed silencer.

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