Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Sinounique: Stone Crusher Part 1

Symons Cone Crusher
The availability of crushing tools for various types of rock and ore is very important in the industrial sector, especially in road construction, metallurgy and building materials. One of the superior crusher tools is the Symons Cone Crusher with a capacity of 45-91 t / h. This crusher is also widely used in chemical and silicate engineering with a very high crushing ability and a high level of efficiency. In addition, the Symons Cone Crusher has excellent performance as evidenced by its ability to withstand operation and its ability to crush product granularity.

This crusher is very friendly to operating and maintenance costs in addition to its high crushing capability. In its performance, there are several things that contribute to it, namely the construction design and the quality of the materials used. The working principle of the Symons Cone Crusher is starting from the moving eccentric bearing bushings, then the axis of the crushing cone swings until there is a distance between the mantle and the bowl liner which is sometimes close and several times far away. Until finally it can be done crushing the raw materials that have been pressed and hit.

Spring Cone Crusher
Spring Cone Crusher is one type of secondary crusher that is widely used in the mining world. This crusher has a capacity of up to 60-105 t / h and weighs about 11.2 t. Not only used in the mining sector, but this tool is also engaged in the chemical, metallurgical, building materials and other industries. Its strength which reaches 55 kw makes this tool has the ability to destroy various materials with high or medium hardness, ranging from iron stone, copper ore, and granite. In addition, crushing can also be used for limestone, quartz, and other types of rock using the Moh scale.

Good quality and guaranteed also lies in this crusher, because this machine has 3 types of crushing, namely secondary, medium and short-head. The friendliness in maintenance is also a plus for this machine which also affects the reduction of downtime. The working principle of this durable crusher in operation is starting from a spring cone that works by moving the eccentric bearing bushings. Then the axis of the crushing cone swings and a mantle is formed which is sometimes close to the tall liner and sometimes far away. Until entering the raw material crushing stage that occurs when it has gone through pressure and collision.

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