Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Powder Grinding Equipment Part III

Grinding Ball Mill
There are so many milling tools produced by various companies with their respective advantages. One of the advantages that grinding machines usually have is its ability to save energy. One example is a grinding tool called the Grinding Ball Mill which can save energy by 30%. This Grinding Ball Mill is very suitable for use in silicate products, refractories, cement industry, and new building materials. Not only milling, but this tool is also capable of mixing raw materials for further processing. In addition, the engine with a capacity of 0.65-90 t / h is very friendly to operation and maintenance. 

The design designed for this type of milling machine is that the engine consists of a small drive gear, electronic control, and an electric engine. The working system of this machine starts from the milling, packaging, and transportation processes which are carried out in a powder mill. Then it is continued by grinding by the grit outlet until the formation of a closed system on this machine which is influenced by the air classification carried out. Then, the finished materials and coarse materials are obtained, provided that the coarse materials will be milled again, while the finished materials will proceed to the packaging stage.

Ceramic Ball Mill
The ability to save energy by 30% is not only owned by the Grinding Ball Mill, but also in Ceramic Ball Mill with minimum operating costs. Ceramic Ball Mill has the same capacity as the Grinding Ball Mill, which is 0.65-90 t / h. This tool has been widely used in the manufacturing industry, ranging from new building materials, cement, iron metal, glass ceramics, and so on. In addition, this tool also has a grinding medium to get different results, especially in its refinement.


The closed system is also a characteristic of this grinding machine, so that there is no dust emission pollution which can cause performance disturbances or make the operator uncomfortable. This tool is also designed with a feature that is free of iron impurities called ceramic balls. The work system that is owned by Ceramic Ball Mill is the same as the Grinding Ball Mill as a whole starting from the process in the powder milling plant, then entering the grit outlet, then to the air classification stage, to producing the finished product. In addition, the negative pressure when conveying the powder provides an efficient and effective performance.

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