Sand Making Machine Part I

VSI Sand Making Machine
VSI Machine is a machine that can be used in various building projects such as concrete manufacturing, sand aggregate, and the mining industry. However, it is not only limited to that, this machine is also suitable for making asphalt concrete for road surfaces, railroad tracks, bridges, and airports. In addition, the advantage of the machine is being able to make quartz sand as a raw material for glass and other high purity materials. To support performance while working, this machine has a power capacity of 60-600 t / hour. Thus, it has reliable work durability and resilience in the field.

The working principle of the machine by providing high-speed friction between materials to destroy each other. Thus, finer aggregates can be produced. The company's engineers strive to design sand processing machines that are efficient in energy consumption, easy-to-get parts, easy maintenance of hydraulic systems, flexible machine shapes, control systems and automatic lubricants. So, the answer is in the VSI Sand Making Machine, its quality and performance have been proven.

Screw Sand Washing Machine
Screw Sand washer is a machine that functions in separating sand with other garbage particles. Thus, pure fine sand is produced and ready for use for various purposes. The principle works by pushing sand from the input to the output of the exhaust engine. However, when the impulse process occurs, various particles other than sand are separated. Thus, only sand material can be released, while waste material will come out through the overflowing part. In terms of engine, the Screw Sand Washer is powered by a capacity of 6-400 tph, to support performance while operating.

Applications for the use of Screw Sand Washer are widely used in building construction. However, it is also suitable for extracting various wastes in other industrial sectors. Usually the use of this machine is used after the sand material has been destroyed by the VSI Sand Making Machine. Some of the advantages of using a Screw Sand Washer include efficient fuel consumption, easy maintenance / cleaning of the engine, use of wear plates that can minimize costs, then there is a system to control sand loss.

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