Bucket Wheel Excavator Kwk-910

The Kwk-910 Wheel Excavator Bucket is one of the largest earths digging machines ever. This excavator has a main operator cabin as a convenient and safe control center. The operator cabin is also equipped with a comprehensive communication system that allows connecting with important accesses at each point. Gearboxes are designed according to reliable operational and high exploitation mining levels. The machine has a maximum working capacity of 4400 m3 / hour. The Kwk-910 also has a 1000 kW drive, with 16 buckets, and wheels with a diameter of 10 m that allow machine safety when spelling. All parts of the machine are designed with due regard to safety aspects, both from the risk of collisions and other risks.

The Kwk-910 Wheel Excavator Bucket has been equipped with various special features to support work efficiency on every terrain. The crawler drive system is equipped with a fixture that treats lubricants, and an automatic steering speed system with inverter control. The steering system uses a hydraulic cylinder which has a turning radius of R = 25 m. Slewing has four drive systems with hydraulic drive combined with a module toothed ring m = 27. The moment lever is made flexible to be able to withstand the risk of collisions. The 2 x 500 kW drive excavation system can cut units up to 200 kN / m. The use of a double belt system makes exploitation easier compared to a single system. The machine has maximum resistance to side loads, thanks to the balancing arms, connecting strands and masts.

The Kwk-910 Wheel Excavator Bucket also has a semi-hard covering which is proven to be very efficient from the digging unit. There is not even a resonant effect during the transport process. In addition, in terms of fuel consumption, the Kwk-910 requires standard fuel to be able to work optimally, to allow production efficiency and pollution.

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