Thursday, June 4, 2020

SonicLayer® 4000 3D Printing

SonicLayer 4000 is a 3-dimensional printer with 9KW Ultrasonic Additive Manufacturing (UAM) technology. This printer has full control of standard G-code programming with CAD or CAM software, users are given the freedom to choose the software used between CAD / CAM. The software works by creating a G-code, then transferred to the machine to do printing. The system can also be applied with integrated CNC machines, including a standard 50-taper 3-axis vertical machining center with a Siemens 840D controller that can print objects accurately.

The printer is also equipped with a complete machine protector that allows worker safety to be more guaranteed. Then there is also a cooler that can dissolve in water, so that the engine stays clean. Fabrisonic technology on the SonicLayer 4000 can melt metals and reunite them without changing their original properties. So that it can create complex geometric structures. This printer can work on various metals such as copper, titanium, aluminum, and stainless steel. Different types of metals can become one because welding is carried out at low temperatures.

Some of the advantages that can be found on SonicLayer 4000 are: 1) fast printing process, 2) the resulting print has a geometric detail and complex, 3) large envelope size, 4) metal will not melt, 5) heating at low temperatures , 6) easy and affordable machine maintenance. In general, SonicLayer® 4000 3D Printing has the following specifications.
Work envelope: X Axis (40 in), Y Axis (24 in), Z Axis (24 in)
Tread: X (12 ft), Y (12 ft), Height (113 in)
Table size: length × width (44 × 24 in)
Linear accuracy: position (± 0,0002), repeatability (0,0001 in)
Welding machine: ultrasonic power (9 kW), welding strength (2500 lb), max welding speed (200 ipm)
Spindle machining: 8000 rpm CAT 50.

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