Friday, June 26, 2020

RPM Innovations 535XR 3D Printer

RPM Innovations 535XR is a 3dimensional DED (Directed Energy Deposition) technology, usually used for printing components that come from metals. The way it works is by melting metal powders with a high-power bottom under tightly controlled atmospheric conditions. In addition to being molded into various components, metal deposits can also be used to repair metal parts and various other applications. DED laser technology can also be used to improve wear resistance / repair damaged wear (cannot be repaired with conventional techniques). The DED 535XR laser produces geometrically precise and complex component prints, with strong metallurgical bonds.

The 535XR version is identical to the 557XR version, only it has a smaller build size. This printer has undergone various improvements and developments for more than 60,000 hours, to create a complex, fast, and efficient 3-dimensional printer. Then also equipped with laser deposition machine control software, which allows the automatic printing process. In addition, there are process controls, vision cameras, strong nozzles, gas purification systems, oxygen control, class 1 laser cover, smoke collection system, and easy engine maintenance. In general, this printer has a working dimension specification with a laser build envelope (2.12 cubic meters) and laser head travel (X: 5 feet, Y: 3 feet, Z: 5 feet).

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